10-month-old girl shot after argument in Kensington section of Philadelphia – Greeley Tribune

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A 10-month-old baby girl was hospitalized at St. Christopher’s Hospital in Kensington on Sunday night after being shot in the arm. Police say an argument broke out this morning when a family was celebrating a wedding.

The mother tells CBS3 that she was holding her baby when those shots were fired and that she didn’t run away and pounce for cover, fearing it might be a very different story.

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So far, the shooter has not been arrested, but the girl’s mother told Eyewitness News that it was her new stepfather who reportedly started shooting on Sunday morning.

“It happened so fast, I didn’t think he’d do it, you know,” said Kellianis Isaacs, the mother.

Isaac’s shirt still had his baby’s blood on it as he spoke exclusively with CBS3 after taking his 10-month-old baby, Geliannis, to St. Christopher’s Hospital.

The child’s hand was crushed by a bullet on Sunday morning outside their home on the corner of Ontario and Emerald Streets in Kensington.

“She was just crying, like, she was crying and I just happened to look and I saw all this blood on my shirt,” Issac said. “it’s really bad.”

Outside the house, you could see an empty bottle of wine on the sidewalk and other bottles at the bar under a tent in the backyard.

Issac said his mother got married on Saturday and had a reception at home.

But around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, Issac said he had an argument with his new stepfather after acting inappropriately. So he told his mother, the new bride, what happened.

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“She went to him and confronted him about it and he went mad then,” Issac said.

“Things escalated during that verbal argument and one of the individuals obtained a handcuff and began firing at several individuals here,” said Lieutenant Robert Brockenbrough of the Philly Police Department.

Surveillance video obtained by CBS3 shows Issac holding the baby outside. Then, she starts running and hides behind a car.

Police say four shots were fired and Zelianis was killed in the arm. After this the shooter took to the road.

“I just want justice for my baby girl,” Issac said. “Like I need to find them because I feel like if they don’t, something else will.”

Police confirm that the shooter knows the family.

CBS3 has been told that the baby is immobile and that his mother said he needed stitches and a metal plate in his hand.

He is expected to stay in the hospital overnight.

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