100 bike hangers to be installed in Brighton and Hove after public consultation

A total of 100 bike sheds will be set up across the city after a recent public consultation highlighted the “huge demand”.

more than 2,000 residents of Brighton and Hove Completed a survey to install cycle hangers in his street.

Brighton And Councilor Steve Davis, co-chair of the Hov City Council Environment, Transportation and Sustainability Committee, said the survey answers show a “great demand” for bike hangers.

“We are now reviewing the responses to our cycle hanger survey which really shows the city’s huge demand for them,” he said.

“It is really encouraging to see so many residents participate and tell us where they want to see these hangars.

“Starting next year, we will look at 100 locations around the city, ensuring safe and secure places for residents to put their bikes.”

The Argus: Example of a bike hangar in Islington, LondonExample of a bike hanger in Islington, London

A total of 2,053 responses were received for a survey that ended on Sunday, November 14.

next Forum After consultation, the council will develop a preliminary list of potential locations for 100 new cycle racks.

The consultation followed funding of £500,000 given by Green Councilor in February’s budget to promote bicycle parking options, enough to fund 100 covered, lockable bicycle hangers.

Bike hangers are common in parts of London, with over 7,200 locations in 25 London boroughs.

By replacing the space used by a parking space, they enable up to six people to store their bikes securely, helping to reduce bike thefts and supporting those whose accommodations, appropriately, There may not be accessible indoor or outdoor storage space.

Last year, over 100 people signed a petition to set up a bike shed at Seven Dial as a pilot, with a view to expanding across the city.

Ten years ago a bike hanger was also installed at Shaftesbury Road, Brighton, near London Road railway station.

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