Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields set Soldier Field on fire on Sunday, setting an NFL record in a single regular season game in a 178-yard run, including a 61-yard touchdown. Fields also threw three TD passes, reducing the sting of a 35-32 Bears defeat to the Miami Dolphins, the team’s fifth defeat in six games.

Now The Bears (3-6) will return to the Detroit Lions 2-6 division who will come to Chicago for Sunday’s game. In preparation for the game, we present a dozen compelling facts and figures.


Fields is racing yards through nine games, capable of rushing to 1,137 yards, which would break Bobby Douglass’s 50-year single-season record for quarterback running yards (968).


The NFL season record per quarterback, set three seasons ago by Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson. Jackson has been named the MVP this season, rushing to seven touchdowns while a total of 3,127 yards passed and 36 touchdowns passed.


Points scored in the last three games by the Bears, which allowed them to jump to 21st place in the league with a score of 20.8 points per game. After losing 12-7 to the Washington Commanders in week 6, the Bears finished 31st in terms of points with a score of 15.5 ppg. Their recent scoring increases have been as fun as they are encouraging.


Points scored by the Lions offensive in the last four games. They only managed five touchdowns out of 38 balls during that time. The Lions averaged 35 points in the league in their first four games, but dropped to 12th place (23.5 points per game).


Touchdowns allowed by the Bears defense in the last two games, losses against the Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys. The Bears defense allowed a total of 15 touchdowns in the first seven games, but they fell to 21st place in the NFL in scoring defense (24 ppg).


Position in yards passed per game by the Bears, who averaged 125.7 in their 3-6 start. Fields has only covered 200 passing yards this season – up from 208 against the Minnesota Vikings in week 5.


Yard position allowed for the game by the Lions, who have surrendered an average of 268.5 yards this season. Three playmakers crossed the 300 yards against them – Carson Wentz, Geno Smith and Tua Tagavailoa. Wentz and Tagavailoa also scored three touchdowns against Lions.


Total sum of bags and takeaws recorded by bears against dolphins. It was only the seventh time in the last 10 seasons that defense has been knocked out in both categories. The last event before Sunday was a 33-22 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in week 8 of last season.


Pick up the yards by Darnell Mooney in four games against the Lions. Mooney had his first ever catch against the Lions, 19-yard Mitch Trubisky in week 1 of 2020. He had his first career in a 100-yard match against Detroit, out of a 125 in week 4 of last season. Eight weeks later, he added five gains, a 123-yard performance against the Lions.


He takes a touchdown by Cole Kmet this season, putting him in fifth place in the league among short finishes behind Travis Kelce (seven), Mark Andrews (five), Zach Ertz (four) and Mike Gesicki (four). All three Kmet touchdowns have happened in the last two weeks after he had rolled 28 consecutive games without reaching the end zone.


Lions record in matches was decided by one result in two seasons with Dan Campbell as coach. This includes the 1-4 mark this season after Sunday’s Sunday turmoil at Green Bay Packers 15-9. Lions also have close losses to the Philadelphia Eagles (38-35), Vikings (28-24), Seattle Seahawks (48-45), and Dolphins (31-27). The Lions gave up their last-minute touchdowns in their defeats to the Vikings and Dolphins.


Bears’ record of matches by one goal over 19 Fields starts as quarterback, making the score 1-4 this season. The Bears lost to the Dolphins, despite having two balls in the fourth quarter with a chance of a draw or taking the lead. They couldn’t do it. Kmet said, “That’s the next step, isn’t it? We collect points. … But I think if we want to be a championship team, that’s what the NFL is. (It’s) two-minute situations, half-time, game over, and it’s about ex*cution in those situations. “


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