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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – 12 people have been killed in a fire at Fairmount that has shaken the community. Neighbors and those who know the victims are working to help the victims.

A great basketball player and an ambitious, helpful young man. This is how two young victims are being remembered as the community works to help the survivors.

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“Quintian was the mayor. He was the future mayor of Philadelphia,” said Bache-Martin coach Andre Wright.

A future politician with an infectious personality and his little protective sister.

“Being in her inner circle means she protected you, she respected you, she cared about you. She was always protective of the people she let in,” Wright said.

This is how Wright describes siblings and alumni Destiny McDonald and Quintian Tate-McDonald.

“Without those kids, the school environment wouldn’t be the same,” Wright said.

Twelve people died in a home fire Wednesday morning in Philly’s Fairmount neighborhood. His mother, aunt and cousin were also killed in the fire.

“It felt like a nightmare, it felt like it was real. I couldn’t believe it so my phone started ringing,” Wright said.

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News of the tragedy prompted not only Bache-Martin but other organizations to come forward with open arms and to help.

“Like so many people in Philadelphia, the state, and across the country, it broke everyone’s heart here when we heard it. I mean, nothing bad can happen in one’s life,” Donna Cooper said with Children’s First , a child advocacy organization in Pennsylvania.

What the group says began as a fund among family and friends turned into a nationwide effort, with more than 1,100 people raising more than $50,000.

“It’s a very difficult time in America right now – the COVID, the rebellion – yet all this goodness, it’s totally overwhelming,” Cooper said.

The fundraiser is one of many circulating to help survivors.

The former kids coach is hoping that as people give, they keep these faces in mind.

“I think kids should be seen in a positive light,” Wright said.

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Cooper says he is expected to meet a representative of the family on Saturday. If you want to help the victims click here.