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13 easy pop culture inspired Halloween costumes for 2021, from ‘Squid Game’ to Benifar

D.oes Anyone remember how to do Halloween parties? It’s 2021, we’ve had an epidemic for over a year, and many of us are trying to remember how to socialize. Now we’re adding costumes to the costumes, a prescription for anxiety یا or maybe some good, old-fashioned memories? Thankfully, even this wonderful year has provided a wealth of pop culture memes – the perfect choice for smart, timely Halloween costumes. Even if you want something simple, like say, a Squid game. Costumes – or more cleverly, we’ve got you covered. (See below for a sketched DIY guide to transform yourself into a cargo ship stranded in the Suez Canal.)

Characters in the game

Netflix Strange but charming Survival drama quickly created some of this year’s Halloween costumes. From. Green competing track suit To Pink soldier jump suit And VIP mask, Pre-made costume options are virtually non-existent – and. Selling like hot cakes.

East Town Horse.

It’s probably only worth it if you already have a WAP pen or easy access to someone. There is definitely no reason to invest in just one garment. (Unless you just want to commit.) ButConsider going as: East Town Horse.. Don’t you look good enough like Kate Winslet? No problem. Will go as you The horse East Town – You know, In a horse mask We will see ourselves outside.

The Evergreen.

We’ve all been a bit of a mess in 2021, but maybe none of us are. Cargo ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal. If you’ve been clever (and maybe a little broken) for about a week, just follow these instructions:

  • Buy a cardboard box large enough to wear comfortably on your torso, a pair of suspensions, two pieces of foam poster board, a hot glue gun, a box cutter, and whatever craft supplies you use to decorate your turret. Would like
  • Remove the flaps from both the top and bottom of the box. Clip your suspender on the box so you can wear it on your torso.
  • Cut two pieces of posterboard into identical boat-shaped cutouts, with the letter “D” on the curved side – you know, like you drew at school. Decorate according to your taste and stick them in the box so that they run parallel to your left and right, you face the bow.
  • You may not want to wear this outfit for too long, so make sure someone takes a picture of you blocking the hallway at your local Halloween party.

The beach that makes you old.

A simple idea: buy one. Old man’s clothes, Throw on your best airy shirt or beach maxi, and say you went to the beach with the latest entry from M Night Shyamlan, Old.

Avon Hansen.

Another simple: grab a Blue striped polo, Some khaki, And a bag. Wrap your arm in a fake cast and walk around with great hesitation. Bonus points if you have 27-year-old front lines.

Benifer, see you again.

Pascal Lee Cigarette / Getty

Clothing doesn’t matter here. For Jane: a nude lip, a Light brown wig, Maybe one Tail plaid coat If you have For Ben: Beard, cigarette, and maybe Duncan donuts cup. Key ingredient: Make sure you look. Happy in your life more clearly than you.

White lotus teens

For a really scary Halloween look, one could be worse than HBO’s comedy Olivia and Paula. This White sheets are a perfect match. For those who wear Sydney Sweeney’s Olivia show, and you can probably avoid anything Light blue t-shirt Down to see it. Just make sure you wear something. Wire frame And bring a copy of the ritcrits. If your speed is high, you can compete with one of them. Graphic Tees, Paired with something Umbri Sunshine And good to go.

A sour Olivia Rodrigo.

This year, no one has found boomers in General Z, thousands of years, and even no chocolates, as did the newly crowned Princess Olivia Rodrigo. Revive your angry teen years by embodying Rodrigo on the cover of his debut album. Sour, By plastering. A few dozen stickers. Donate more to your face a Teen spaghetti strap tank paired with a plaid tail skirt. And as a treat yourself, grab some citrus patch kids.

Wanda Visions. Vision Cosplays Rock

In one-of-a-kind costumes, Marvel’s vision coincides with Devin “The Rock” Johnson’s great 90’s. All you need is a bucket. Red and Silver paint, One Black tortoise, Light wash geness, a Black Fanny Pack, And one Silver chain. Oh, and one Fake gold crystals Lil Uzi Vert-style

Emily Mariko of Tik Tak.

If you have somehow escaped the TikTok trend. Emily Mariko’s leftover salmon and ice cube rice recipe., Consider yourself lucky. If not here’s a new product just for you! A. Simple exercise tank Will do tricks, with something Bike shorts And one Hair clip to keep your locks. Out of your face when you show how to make a cup. Bonus points if you are brave enough to top your salmon with avocado. But the best part of the dress is free: a satisfied, soft smile.

Dukes Moi.

Maybe it’s an epidemic, maybe it’s boredom, but if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that people are hungry for gossip. For example: Dukes Moi. Anonymous Instagram account has become the equivalent of a modern age. Talking girl. Since no one knows who is running the mysterious account, pretend it’s you and get ready to collect some shit on your fellow party members. Bring your phone Big black colorNot so secret. It is plastered with a large black hoodie with Duke’s hair., And get ready to text secretly at night.

Go to the Barb and Star Vista del March.

Get the cold weather out of your mind, and go to the fancy beach of Vista del Mar with your dear Midwestern friend. Put on your Extremely colorful calculus, A flirty yet conservative tropical print blouse, And a view of the sun. Order Piana Colladas all night, and if you’re feeling more adventurous, go ahead and order a buried treasure mega drink.

Italian Eurovision Group Menscan.

Kenzo Tribublard / AFP / Getty

Gather some friends and go as Eurovision’s sexiest rock group Menscan. Shirts are optional, but not a smoky eyeliner. I squeeze. Corseted faux leather pants, And maybe one Matching corset top. with Loose men’s tie For a quick look at the house. But whatever you do, Don’t bend Try to clean the broken glass on your feet.

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