145 deaths in nursing homes and hospitals since June, figures show

A total of 145 people have died due to the outbreak in nursing homes and community hospitals since the end of June, according to a new report.

There have been 155 outbreaks in these places in the current wave, bringing to the fore 2,175 cases. These led to 168 hospitalisations, of which 36 died, shows the latest update from the Health Protection Monitoring Centre, the HSE unit responsible for collecting data on Covid-19 cases in the state.

In the same period, 67 deaths have been linked to a hospital outbreak of COVID-19. Since June 27, 881 cases were reported in the hospital, out of which 13 were admitted in ICU.

Six more deaths have been linked to the outbreak in other residential institutions, such as disability centers or mental health facilities, during the period. A small number (less than five) of deaths occurred in travelers and in the Roma population and in prison.

According to the report, the number of Covid-19 outbreaks declined last week, but cases were higher in schools, residential institutions and workplaces.

school outbreak

According to the latest weekly data on the coronavirus outbreak, 24 new Covid-19 outbreaks were reported in schools last week, an increase of eight in the previous week.

Figures for the week ending November 20 show a decline in the number of outbreaks in hospitals and nursing homes.

Within schools, 14 new cases were reported in primary schools and 10 in secondary schools, with 24 and 19 new cases each, respectively.

During the fourth week of the pandemic since June, there have been 1,792 linked cases in primary school outbreaks and 152 in secondary.

Seven elementary school cases linked to the outbreak resulted in hospitalizations.

The Center for Health Protection Surveillance defines an outbreak as two more associated cases of illness.

School outbreaks are associated with both schoolchildren and staff. The HPSC stated that transmission “in these outbreaks may not necessarily have been established within the school”.

Eight new outbreaks were reported in hospitals, down from the previous week’s 27, and five in nursing homes, down from nine last week.

The hospital’s outbreak fell sharply from 27 to eight, most likely due to the administration of COVID-19 booster doses to staff. In nursing homes, where the provision of boosters for residents is almost complete, the cluster has also dropped from nine to five.

However, there was a further increase in the number of outbreaks in residential institutions from 21 to 24. This is the highest level for this position in the current wave. Workplace outbreaks increased from six to 10, but family outbreaks in private households fell from 29 to 15. There were six new outbreaks in childcare facilities, down from three last week.

Among the vulnerable population, seven new outbreaks were reported in the traveler community, with 28 new associated cases. This brings the number of cases among travelers during the fourth wave of infections to 924. 26 have been hospitalized in this group.

There were two new outbreaks in prisons with six new cases in the week, taking the total number of cases linked to the outbreak in prisons to 66 since the end of June.

Although not mentioned in the report, the currently notified figures may underestimate the number of outbreaks due to excessive pressure on the testing and tracing system.

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