The removal of officers is the result of a new law enforcement certificate issued by the state police oversight commission.

Nineteen Massachusetts police officers have been discharged from service due to new certification standards designed to increase public confidence in law enforcement.

According report According to the WBZ, 19 officers are fired because they are no longer eligible to serve in Massachusetts due to past screening findings.

Established in 2020 Commission on Standards and Training of Peace Officers The (POST Commission) is a criminal justice reform aimed at improving public safety and increasing trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. The establishment of the POST Commission comes as a nation grapples with fears of police brutality and racial injustice.

Over the summer, the oversight committee processed the first batch of Massachusetts officers for re-certification. The 19 officers who were released were among 8,729 cops whose names begin with the letters A through H. The commission has two more years to examine the remaining officers.

In April, police organizations and trade unions filed a lawsuit against the commission, calling it “highly intrusive, inappropriate, unfair and irrational”. No decision was made on the case.

POST Executive Director Enrique Zuniga told WBZ that the committee was considering concerns about the amount of information that should be released to the public.

“We are very aware of whether or not we will disclose unfounded or unjustified complaints at all,” said Zuniga.

Jamarhl Crawford, a spokesman for police reform, told the WBZ that he believed in “full and complete access to records” as many complaints could shed light on patterns – even if complaints were later dismissed.

The good guy’s “white suit” has stains on it, and I think the only way to restore public faith is with full accountability and transparency, “he said. “That’s what people wanted.”

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