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2 bookmakers say Donald Trump is the 2024 election favorite.

Winning the 2024 presidential election is a new choice for those who created two major difficulties – former President Donald Trump.

According to An account at Newsweek, both Bat Online and Betfred, has installed Republicans as a betting choice over the president. Biden, Albeit a little.

Panama-based BetOnline is now offering 11-4 odds on Mr. Trump’s victory (meaning that winning the $ 4 bet will get you $ 11, plus your money back) Biden Victory.

Vice President Kamala Harris is the third favorite, with a 5-1 difficulty, followed by Republican Gov. Ron de Santes 10-1.

Immediately after his 2020 defeat in Mr. BidenOn the successful return of Trump, the odds of Bat Online were 33-1.

But Mr. How? BidenThe term has opened up, and Mr. Trump’s clear desire to be the only other US president to serve unwilling conditions has changed things in the eyes of troublemakers.

BidenThe approval rating is dropping, and it looks less likely than ever. They Will be able to get of that Agenda through Congress, ”Paul Krishnamurthy, a political analyst at BAT Online, told Newsweek. “The defeat in the midterms (70% probability) will tie his hands even more and possibly lead to a very painful couple after 2022. It is difficult to see his brand so strong for the second time.” There is no point in running again in old age.

Betfred’s troubles are a bit long, but for the first time, Mr. Trump is now his favorite.

The UK-based Odyssey maker is facing a 4-1 odds on Trump’s 2024 victory, which is slightly less than Mr’s 9-2 price. Biden.

Spokesman Peter Spencer told Newsweek: “This is the first time we’ve chosen Trump for a shock return.” “Biden The United States faces major challenges after promising to unite.

However, some bookmakers still offer short stories on Mr. Biden, Although the difference in each case is only minor.

For example, according to Newsweek, Britain’s Lead Brooks called Mr. Biden A 7-2 favorite, 4-1 with Mr. Trump’s odds. Mr Trump is also 4-1 behind the British online site Betfair, behind Mr. Biden At 10-3

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