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4400 Reboot Cast, Creator on Characters, Society at NYCC 2021.

A cast show of CW's 4400 reboot showing 10 people who, over time, come back today after being abducted from different places.۔

CW’s 4400 reboot cast.
Image: CW

In CBS Paramount. Original series, 4400Thousands of people who were. Kidnapping from different places The whole was in the 21st century. Came back suddenly In this day and age, I don’t remember where they were taken or who took them. However, what 4400 know is that some of them develop different supernatural abilities that change their lives even more. At the New York Comic Con 2021, CW’s reboot cast and creators discussed their views on the story.

As Original 4400 Continued, the kidnappers realized that their powers were of great importance and that each of them was an unintentional part of a larger plan to save humanity from itself. While 4400It can be based on the standards of today’s superhero saturated media scenario, the series was bold and novel when it premiered in 2004, and CW hopes that will be the case. Its next reboot. This year at NYCC-personally and practically executive producers Ariana Jackson and Sunil Nair, and actors Joseph David Jones, TL Thompson, Autumn Best, Britney Adbomola, Khela Johnson, Corey Jacoma, Iron Roach, J.P. Lady Moore, Derek A. King, opened. About who their characters were before they disappeared into their respective eras, and what kind of people they begin to become after meeting themselves in 2021 Detroit.

Although the reboot still has many elements of the original base, the new show, which is basically blackcast, Ready to explore ideas about society from a different perspective through characters like Jharal (Joseph David Jones), a local Detroiter of modern times whose life is troubled by the reappearance of 4400. On the panel, David Jones said that Jhral is “a man of the people and that the government – the big government is trying to get people to come and advocate for the people.” I think I rarely meet anyone. of the People are moving to a system that is not for the people. “David Jones” but seeing someone visiting gives you a chance, and a different perspective on what it’s really like. Because many of us want to find ways and solutions to many of the problems we have, but things are tied up in bureaucracy, you know?

Like Jharal, a young woman named Kesha (Iron Roach) who was never kidnapped did not initially know what to make of the 4400, but she is steadfast in her commitment to her family. As much as Kesha loves them, Roach explains that her devotion is not without its difficulties. “I think like Kisha, she always thinks about her family, and always works for her family,” Roach said. “But they find it very difficult to face them and the reality of this relationship, even though they are always trying to make it stronger and better.”

One way Kesha works for her loved ones is to confront the same bureaucracy that Jharal has to contend with from within the system, and Roach explains how while working on a science fiction project New to her, she found that she was looking at pieces of her story in Kisha. “Similarly, I have the power, and sometimes I don’t really know what to do with it, and I don’t know where to direct it, and I don’t know the best way to fight,” he said. “I think it’s like, once again, telling the times, and how I feel, like, ‘I know I have it. I know I have all these tools, and I always Don’t know if I’m fighting the right people, or fighting them the right way.

Dr. Andre (TL Thomson), a transgender man and doctor of the 1920s, is one of the 4400s, which is actually one of the early points of the 20th century. Thompson said it could be related to Andre’s curiosity about the world around him, which increases significantly with his migration over time. “From hairstyles, to cell phones, to people pushing dogs on the go, it’s all new to her,” Thompson said. “And sometimes, you know, 2021 lately, after all the lockdowns and everything, back in the world, I definitely recognize it, like everything feels brand new. You know. Yes, looking at people’s faces, and. no. ”

Thompson also mentioned this while New. 4400 It will directly acknowledge our real-world epidemic, it is not an “epidemic show”, it will be interesting to see how interested it is in interacting with other aspects of our reality. As everyone knows these concepts, it is hopeful that CW has not tried to guide them. 4400More stunning components as the show’s main function, and a sign that it may be worth checking out when it premieres on CW on October 25th.

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