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See a historic home, restaurant on the water, glass blowing, and more.

Hoxie House in Sandwich is one of the oldest houses in the Cape. sandwich entertainment department

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Sandwich is Cape Cod’s oldest city. According to Taylor White, town clerk since 2009, it’s one of the biggest, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

“It’s like a little Mayberry,” White said. “We’re about 20,000 people, but you still have that small town.”

The city was founded in 1639.

“Sandwich is a great historic town,” White said. “It’s a bedroom community. There’s not a lot of industry here, but we have a very rich history. We have a very rich culture.”

Ahead, offers your picks for what to see and do at White Sandwiches.

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    Cape Cod towns have lots of great beaches. Here’s why you should meet them.

According to White, the Sandwich is home to one of the Cape’s oldest houses: the 1675 Hoxie House.

Saltbox House on a hill opposite Shome Pond was built by the Rev. John Smith, who lived there in the 17th century with his wife and 13 children. It was purchased by the whaling captain Abraham Hoxie in the mid-19th century.

The historic structure was acquired, renovated, and turned into a museum by the City of Sandwich in the 1950s. Although the house is currently closed, it usually opens seasonally for tours, White said.

“If you want to experience a piece of history, you don’t often get to walk into these homes that were built in the 1600s and visit it,” White said. “For history buffs, it’s a great experience.”

Eat Seafood – And Italian Too

For an excellent seafood meal by the water, head to pilot house And fishermen’s point of viewWhite said.

The Pilot House, with its outdoor seating, gazebo bar and Adirondack chairs along the Cape Cod Canal, is “the place to be,” White said. The Fisherman’s View, which is a bit more advanced, offers beautiful views of the canal and Sandwich Marina, he said.

Although the region is known for its seafood, don’t overlook it Tomato Italian Bar & GrillWhich serves the best Italian food on the Cape, said White.

“It’s one of the most popular restaurants in town,” White said. “People come from everywhere. Celebrities have dined there.”

Sandwich Glass Museum 2 Credit Sandwich Glass Museum 62Ac62E9Cfdcd
Flying glass at the Sandwich Glass Museum. Sandwich Glass Museum

The sandwich is known as “Glass Town,” White said.

The Sandwich Glass Museum, which attracts visitors from across the country, details the history of Greeley Tribune and the Sandwich Glass Company, which opened in 1825.

“The Greeley Tribune & Sandwich Glass Company was world-renowned for its glass blowing,” White said. “It brought people to the sandwich. The sandwich grew rapidly during that time.”

The museum houses its extensive glass collection as well as exhibitions by current glass-blowing artists.

“It’s a neat place to look,” White said. “Glass blowers demonstrate the art of blowing glass.

Guests can watch experts blow glass fired from the museum’s furnace and press it into shape during 20-minute exhibits every hour.

White said he serves on the museum’s board.

When White wants to spend time in nature, he enjoys walking East Sandwich Game Farm, 133-acre site in the eastern sandwich borders Talbot’s Point Conservation AreaAnd the two areas together provide more than 245 acres of open space for exploration.

The former game farm, now used for recreation, is owned by the state and maintained by the Thornton W. Burgess Society, which over the years worked by demolishing buildings and pens, mowing the fields, and adding walking paths. The area has been cleared.

Visitors will find walking bridges, wildlife, forests, salt marshes, farms, and freshwater ponds. Society hosts environmental education programs on the property throughout the year.

“It’s a good place,” White said. “There are some beautiful bridges out there. A lot of people bring their dogs over there.”

The property is open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Another place White enjoys spending time is the city’s popular sandwich boardwalkWhich is currently undergoing renovation and is not open.

Flickrphotographybyanne Marie 62Ac635631219
East Sandwich Beach at Sandwich. Photography by Anne-Marie / Flickr

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