51-year-old woman dies of blood clots from Kovid vaccine

A husband said his wife’s death became a “hero” because of her death by a coroner due to rare complications of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Mother-of-two Michelle Barlow, 51, of Orrell, near Wigan, Greater Manchester, died 16 days after having the jab, after falling ill and developing “inaccessible” blood clots.

A civil servant for 34 years with the Department of Work and Pensions, Mrs Barlow, originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire, was hospitalized.

While doctors took note of her recent vaccinations, and emerging knowledge about poor reactions in some patients, they persisted with a diagnosis of gastro infection, the Bolton Coroner’s Court heard.

One of her sons even Googled her mother’s symptoms, and it revealed how other doctors were saving the lives of people with similar complications.

But three days after being admitted to Wigan Infirmary, Mrs Barlow died of blood clots as a result of “rare complications” of the COVID-19 vaccination, the investigation heard.

“The deceased died as a result of unrecognized, rare complications of recently administered elective and required COVID-19 vaccination,” Greater Manchester West Senior Coroner Timothy Brainand ruled.

Her multiple organ failure due to blood clots resulted from vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), which was not identified at the time of her death, as heard in the investigation.

Mr Brainand said there may have been some “sub-optimal care” and “confirmation bias” among medics in persisting with their initial misdiagnosis.

Outside the court Mrs Barlow’s husband, Ian, a retired factory worker, said he felt “relieved” that the role of vaccines in his death had been recognized.

He said the family was stoned by public health officials when they raised their concerns about the vaccine.

Mr. Barlow said: “I am happy and sad. I am sad that Michelle is not here. I am glad that Michelle has got the answer we wanted.”

“It took eight months to get here, that this was the wax that took Michelle.

“Covid Vaccine Victims along with Covid Victims Heroes are forgotten as lessons have been learned.

“A close friend of mine has died of Covid and my wife has died of the vaccine.

“I’m not saying don’t wax, I’m saying check it out first, if it’s right for you.”

The family is seeking a judicial review of the vaccine rollout.

Earlier interrogations were heard that Mrs Barlow had gone to a mass vaccination center in Robin Park, Wigan and was given an AstraZeneca jab on 7 March and gradually began to suffer “side effects” of flu-like symptoms over the next few weeks.

She went to Wigan Infirmary for the first time on March 19, but her husband said she felt “betrayed” and was discharged.

The next day she went to the hospital’s A&E department and was admitted, where doctors had previously suspected gastro-enteritis infection.

Her husband and family were unable to stay with her at the hospital due to COVID restrictions, and on 22 March Mr Barlow received a call from a nurse asking him to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

He said: “I was told by Michelle that they couldn’t do anything for her. That’s when two doctors came and explained.

“I said, you have to save her.”

Matthew Barlow, one of his two sons, said that while his mother was in the hospital, he clicked on an Internet link showing how a professor in Norway had “five people” of patients suffering from the same symptoms as his mother. saved his life”.

He said: “If I can do it, why can’t the doctors and nurses who were treating my mother do it? Just google it.”

The coroner said he could not say Mrs Barlow would have been alive if doctors had recognized sooner that a poor vaccine reaction was covering up her illness.

Pathologist Dr Naveen Sharma told the investigation: “It cannot be denied that a small number of people who have had the AstraZeneca vaccine developed blood clots.”

Dr Sharma said the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) this month provided guidance suggesting a possible link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and a “very rare” side effect of blood clots.

He said 425 cases of major blood clots had been identified in people taking the AstraZeneca vaccine and added that this represents a rare but very clearly recognized potential complication.

Of the 425 cases, 215 in women and 206 in men, 154 cases are related to blood clots in the head and 271 in other parts of the body.

Of the 425 cases, the age ranged from 18 to 93, with 101 cases in the age group of 50 to 59, of which 19 were out of a total of 73 fatalities.

He said currently 24.8 million people were given the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and 24.1 million people were double-pocketed with it.

Dr Peter Krepel, Mrs Barlow’s GP, who referred her to the hospital, said he would still have recommended her to get the vaccine, as the risk of thrombosis was 100 times higher than without the vaccine when it was taken.

Dr Mian Ahmed, Consultant, Wigan Infirmary said that if the same situation still arises, he will soon prescribe hemoglobin, blood thinners and CT scan to the patient.

Surgeon Dr Marius Parraon told the hearing that once he looked at Mrs Barlow’s CT scan he concluded that the blood clot was not curable with surgery and “was not compatible with survival”.


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