7 Unique Classes to Try This Year

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As you set your wellness goals for 2022, think about what exercise routine you want to incorporate. If those ideas seem a bit outdated, reach out to studios in your area to see if they offer any of these unique classes.

There are many that offer low-impact routines and addictive results, you’re sure to find something to pump new life into your workouts this year. Here are seven of the most popular classes to put on your calendar.

aerial yoga

If you’re a fan of traditional yoga and want to shake things up, look for an aerial yoga studio in your area. Instead of sitting on a mat, you will be suspended from the harness in the air. Most harnesses include different strands of fabric used to support different poses. Because you’re in the middle, the mindfulness aspect of yoga can be tough to achieve—experienced yogis may welcome the challenge! Make sure you start with beginner classes, even if you feel confident in your yoga abilities. Maneuvers in mid-air require special techniques for safety that you’ll want to learn before moving on to advanced poses.

pole dancing

For some fully-worn fitness that will leave you with a “good kind of pain” the next day, try pole dancing. Recently increasing in popularity, pole dancing requires substantial stamina and upper body and core strength. Practicing even the most basic moves will give you a full-body workout (and few bruises, so be sure to wear long leggings to reduce irritation). You will take some confidence building steps to activate your ego as well.


Remember the fun of jumping on trampolines for hours as a kid? You probably don’t even remember what a great exercise it is, but the cardio benefits will become apparent after your first trampoline workout. Some trampoline fitness classes are offered through gyms, but most are sponsored by trampoline parks that serve primarily as entertainment venues. If you’ve had to give up high-impact exercises like running because of joint trouble, a trampoline workout is a great low-impact option.

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cycling under water

Give spin class a twist by trying aqua cycling. The bikes are submerged underwater, and participants work against the resistance of the water for a steady workout. Because you’re pushing against the water (rather than resistance from the flywheel or other mechanical component), the exercise is very low-impact and perfect for those who want a modified activity. Many athletes recovering from injuries, pregnant women, or people with limited range of motion have found relief in the water. You can still get a great workout by pedaling faster to get your heart rate up!


Dhol nagade me dance This high-intensity workout It’s all about the rhythm and the fun. Using weighted drumsticks, you’ll get an upper body workout as you raise your heart rate with jumps, spins and dance moves. Without realizing it, the movements will work your stabilizing muscles and improve your balance and concentration. This class is perfect for those who like to feel motivated and energized throughout their workout. The company’s slogan, “Rockout. The Workout,” says it all.

bungee dance

Inspired by the high-flying circus acts and dance cardio craze, Bungee Fitness suits participants in a harness that attaches to a bungee cord on a ceiling pulley system. You’ll then learn techniques that allow you to perform swings and poses that are timed to the music, while using the resistance of the bungee to develop strength in your core, legs, and upper body. During low-impact activity, there are some precautions for people with any recent injuries, so make sure you check with your local studio before your first class.

bicycle karaoke

Can you play that classic tune while your heart rate is above 100bpm? Find out in a cycling karaoke class. Combine a specific spin workout with your favorite songs in an environment that takes all the stress out of exercise. While most songs are employed for downtime in the routine, you may find yourself panting for air!

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