At least 27 people were killed and another 20 were injured on Sunday when the bus overturned, taking 47 people into quarantine against COVID-19 in China’s southwestern Guizhou province.

Sandu officials told the Chinese news site Caixin that the passengers were “people linked to the epidemic” who were being flown to the county 125 miles southeast of the provincial capital of Guiyang, The Associated Press reports. Sandu County Police only said passengers were treated for their injuries, with no mention of their COVID status.

The crash occurred around 2:40 AM, Guizhou Daily’s news site reported, and provincial leaders called for investigating pandemic transfer and isolation procedures.

China strictly isolates people infected with COVID-19 along with their contacts and is working on a zero-tolerance policy. The province saw an increase in COVID cases in the past few days, and Guiyang reported some 180 new cases on Friday.

The wider province had 712 new confirmed cases on Saturday, roughly 70% of all cases in China, Reuters reported. It was also a big jump from 154 cases in the entire province the previous day.

China has recorded 2.7 million cases since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, and 15,123 people have died from the disease. In the rest of the world, 612 million people were infected and 6.5 million died. One million of these d*aths occurred in the United States, where 95 million cases have been reported, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics.

Nevertheless, the public may also be aware of anger erupting on the Internet and people initially questioning the lack of transparency from the authorities as well as the government’s overall policy on avoiding COVID.

“We’re all on this bus,” wrote one user on the WeChat social app, according to Reuters, when another poster asked, “When will this all end?”

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