WEST CHESTER, PA. (CBS) – A family is looking for a stranger to save the life of a loved one. The West Chester family is looking for a living kidney donor to save their son and goes on a mission to the streets.

Living organ donors usually come from family members, but if there is no match, what do you do? This sign says it all: My son needs a kidney.

Tammy Mayer wanders the streets of West Chester with a desperate plea: will you share your supply?

“We’re doing everything we can to help our son find a living kidney donor,” Mayer said.

Oliver, the 22-year-old son of Tammy and Dan Mayer, suffers from a genetic condition that destroys his kidney function.

“So now my function is 10%,” said Oliver, “so we’re moving to the wire here.”

Doctors said a kidney from someone alive and not a deceased would be better for Oliver.

When family and friends did not fit together, the Mayers turned to Facebook and the streets with the advice of doctors.

“They said you don’t stop looking until he has a kidney in him,” Tammy said.

Christine Marvel saw Tammy’s request on Facebook and joined her group.

“She is fighting so hard for her son that I couldn’t stand aside, I had to join her army,” said Marvel.

This is a fight close to Marvel’s heart. She gave the kidney to her father.

“It’s so simple. I was out of work for only two weeks. I’m still living a normal life. I’m practicing all the time, ”said Marvel. “In fact, I feel a lot better when I give a piece of my life to someone else.”

It is estimated that there are approximately 5,700 living kidney donors in the United States each year.

“There are so many amazing people out there,” said Jay Gittleson.

Gittleson and his daughter are now also part of the Tammy team. They know the agony of waiting for an organ. Gittleson is a kidney recipient.

“It was a miracle that I got the transplant,” said Gittleson.

Now this group of ex-strangers has come together in the world of kidney transplantation, looking for another stranger to save Oliver.

“It just stuns me,” said Oliver, “I mean, I never expected it to happen for real, and I’m just really grateful.”

Due to privacy laws, the family cannot know about the people they propose to donate. They only receive notification when there is an equivalent ready for transplant.

Oliver is on the National Kidney Registry where people can find more information about him. Click here here for more information.

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