Commentators on the Internet gladly congratulated one woman who followed the instructions from the car dealership too okay.

In a viral Reddit post posted on r / MaliciousCompliance, Redditor u / dumpster_fire_15 (otherwise known as the original poster or OP) said he had been looking for a new car for months and explained how one pushy financial manager extended the purchase to process even longer.

Entitled: “I don’t like it, get out.” this Post on the last day, he received nearly 29,000 upvots and 2,000 comments.

“My husband and I were shopping for cars because I had a car accident at the beginning of summer,” OP began. “Our car was damaged in an accident and it was a loooong process.”

Continuing to explain that the couple eventually decided on the car they wanted, the original poster said they took their kids to the showroom, 90 minutes from home.

The original poster also said that after the last test drive, the purchase of the car was definitely not guaranteed.

“We did one more test drive and we were ready to sign everything. Then the games started, ”wrote OP. “After waiting almost 2 hours… the finance person started by trying to sell us all the extras they are trying to sell.

“We told her we didn’t want anything extra …[and] suddenly there is a dealership fee for selling us a car at this time of year. Nearly $ 1,000 for this nonsense, ”continues the OP. “Then he states that if we don’t like the fee, we can walk away because people are begging to buy cars from them.

“Well, my husband and I got up to leave … I laughed at her and told her to go out and buy one of these beggars [the car]”Added OP. “So far, the financier has called twice and the salesman has called four times. I don’t think they expected someone to get this far and then walk away. “

While buying a car has never been a cheap venture, record inflation rates have made it almost impossible for many people in the United States to buy a new set of wheels.

In June of this year, data published by Kelley Blue Book revealed that the average selling price of a new car in the US was as high as $ 48,043, up 12 percent from 2021.

Used cars, long considered a much cheaper alternative to brand new vehicles, aren’t much better, and CoPilot recorded an average selling price of $ 33,341 in June.

No wonder that astronomical price tags have slowed down car purchases tremendously.

New car sales in the US fell significantly from January to July compared to last year, according to the Marklines automotive market forecast. And while more cars were sold in August than last year, the 4.3 percent increase in sales was modest, especially after July, which saw an 11 percent decline since 2021.

However, in his viral Reddit post, the original poster said the car dealer was claiming that people were demanding new cars and that they just didn’t need the OP business – until she and her husband left.

Couple upset at a car dealership. Members of the r / MaliciousCompliance forum on Reddit endorsed one mother who left the showroom without a new car after the financial manager tried to impose tons of extra fees.
Drazen Zigic / iStock / Getty Images Plus

In the comment section of the viral post, Redditors praised the original poster for calling the dealer bluff and removing himself and her family from a financially predatory situation.

“Good thing you didn’t fall in love with them [bulls**t]”- commented Redditor u / PeorgieTirebiter.

“Play stupid games, lose at the sale,” wrote Redditor u / Howard_James_Dudy.

“Whenever someone messes up a high-value deal, the best rate [of action] there is a departure – said Redditor u / BluehibiscusEmpire.

Among many similar comments, Redditor u / ModingusKhan focused on the human element associated with an aborted transaction, inspiring the response from the original poster.

“I bet their expressions were priceless,” commented u / ModingusKhan.

“It was amazing,” assured OP.

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