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A fire in southern Taiwan has killed at least 46 people and injured dozens more

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – The death toll from fires in the south. Taiwan One building was cordoned off overnight, bringing the total to 46, according to authorities on Thursday, which injured at least 41 others.

The fire broke out in the 13-story building around 3 a.m. Thursday, the fire department said in a statement, adding that the fire was “extremely terrible” and destroyed several floors.

Authorities say 32 bodies were sent directly to the morgue from the scene of the fire. Of the 14 people who did not show signs of life, 55 were taken to hospital. I TaiwanOfficial confirmation of death can only be made at the hospital.

According to officials, another search of the building was planned before sunset.

A video shown on Taiwanese television showed orange flames and smoke billowing from the ground floor of the building as firefighters sprayed water from the street. One woman, who could not be identified, said her parents, aged 60 to 70, were inside.

As the day dawns, firefighters can be seen spraying water on the middle floors of a light building from high platforms.

The cause of the fire was not immediately clear, but firefighters noted that the fire was burning heavily where there was a large pile of dirt.

Eyewitnesses said. Taiwan He heard the blast around 3am, media reported.

The building is about 40 years old and has shops on the ground floor and apartments on the top floor. The ground floor was completely black.

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