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A Florida father charged a 2-year-old boy with shooting his mother on the zoom call.

Police in Central Florida have arrested the father of a young boy who found a handgun in his “Pau Patrol” bag and shot his mother while she was zooming in for work.

Vendry Avery, 22, was arrested Tuesday. Accused of reckless murder and unsafe stockpiling of firearms, Altamonte Springs Police said.

Investigators said A 2-year-old boy found a gun. On August 11, he fired another shot at his mother, Shamia Lin, in the head.

A woman who was also on the zoom call called 911, reporting that she heard noise and saw Lin fall. The co-worker did not know how old Lane was or where she lived, but Avery also called 911, urging respondents to hurry when she tried to help Lynn.

Avery said on the 911 call, “I literally just came home and I’m in the room.

He told the sender that Lin was not breathing, and he could not feel her heartbeat. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another child was at home at the time of the shooting, officials said.

The Seminole County State Attorney’s Office said Avery is being held without restraint. The record does not list a lawyer who could speak on their behalf.

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