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A former Pentagon official says China is beating us in AI.

The photo for the article by a former senior Pentagon official says that China is kicking our ass in artificial intelligence.

Screenshot: Lucas Ropeck / US Air Force

A former senior Pentagon official recently quit his job out of frustration over the government’s failure to make meaningful progress on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity – two of his departments say China will overtake us if we work together. Not found

Nicholas Chilan, who previously served as the Air Force’s first chief software officer, says the United States is preparing itself to lose the tech war. New favorite enemy. Chelan took office in 2018, hoping the government will help implement new cybersecurity and cloud measures. However, he claims that the government’s red tape, bureaucratic negotiations, and a quiet approach to implementing the solution have frustrated his efforts – and similar issues are holding back America’s ability to stay competitive.

As a result, Chelan resigned last month, and later wrote a letter. Blog on LinkedIn. In it, he accused the Department of Defense of tripping itself and obstructing its development. In a recent Interview With the Financial Times, Chelan similarly said he feared for the future of his children and that Americans should be “angry” about the state of their country’s defense capabilities: “We have 15 to 20 years against China. There is no competition to compete. Right now, it is already an agreement, in my opinion it is already over, “he told the store, and also commented that China is moving towards” global domination “. ۔

Chelan, who currently runs a private cybersecurity practice, also blamed the debate on “AI ethics” for slowing US progress, and told the store he stressed the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity and AI development. Intends to testify to Congress in the coming weeks.

In his remarks, Chilan joins a growing course of tech and national security professionals who claim that China is primarily Take over the world Through its high technical capacity and growing economic power. There is some debate as to whether these concerns are justified. Or mostly.

There is, of course, evidence of Cha Chilan’s claims about US cybersecurity. If nothing else, Solar Winds Fiasco It highlighted the number of federal agencies colluding with foreign hackers and the need to significantly improve US security standards.

As for the whole thing of artificial intelligence, the competition between the United States and China points to a serious one. Arms race Who can make the best killer robot first? Sky netLike the future, this is inevitable. The greatest chair leader Google, Amazon and other tech companies are currently in the running for this arms race, and if they decide to increase the government’s new investment, they are set to build cash trucks.

Of course, there. There may be other ways in which the United States can stop the invasion of China as evil, in addition to trying to punch the technocrats that have taken over the world. International sanctions And a system of sanctions for non-compliant nations comes to mind). If Chilan’s claims are true, no one in Washington sees them as a viable, realistic or profitable solution.

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