Yellowstone the last episode was a turning point for each of the Dutton kids as John took the back seat for a change.

After last week’s episodes, John, Beth and Jamie dealt with their new political roles in Montana, while Kayce and his wife Monica dealt with the loss of their unborn child.

A new problem arose when some Yellowstone ranch workers accidentally shot and killed a group of protected wolves. They threw tags to try to cover their backs, but it seems inevitable that they will be discovered.

What happened in Yellowstone Episode 3?

Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 3, “Tall Drink of Water”, opens with a flashback where we see a younger John Dutton (Josh Lucas) leading some ranch workers on a horseback ride, one of whom is young Rip.

They split up and find a group of animals that have died and been eaten by wolves. John Dutton attends a town meeting where dozens of angry Montans complain about wolves invading their land. John sits on the council as commissioner, proving he has political experience. He explains how the ranchers’ support allowed wolves to be reintroduced into the wild as an endangered species, but they seem to have gotten out of control.

Beth and Rip enjoy a sweet moment at the bar before a brawl, started by Beth, breaks out in the third season 6 episode “Yellowstone”. The series returns to the Paramount Network with Episode 4, “Horses in Heaven”, on Sunday, November 27.
Paramount Network

Perhaps the continuation of this flashback means that it will finally come into play with the current Yellowstone Ranch.

Back in the present, Rip wakes up to see Beth getting ready for a trip to Salt Lake City. She goes out onto the porch where her daddy John is sitting. During a light conversation, he drops the ball, admitting to his “first threesome”.

“Shit, Beth,” is all John can say. After mentioning Beth’s late mother, Beth urges him to find someone else to love, although telling him so may have hurt his daughter.

Bunker’s birthday

Elsewhere on the ranch, we see the ranchers getting ready for a barracks day as they all wish Lloyd a happy 58th birthday and also joke that he looks older.

Rip shares a sweet moment with Carter, who fell off his horse at the stables last week. Telling him to saddle up, Rip tells his adopted son, “If we’re going to make a cowboy out of you, we go out every day.”

Breaking this sweet moment, what Rip feared happens. Law enforcement investigating missing wolves park and begin questioning him. Rip pretends to be stupid, but the officials insist that he go with them to track down the wolves.

Rip accompanies them to where the wolves were actually killed, but they appear to have covered their tracks and plowed the land, removing all evidence. He leaves them there and informs them that the river they are looking for flows behind a treacherous mountain. This story will no doubt be repeated next week.

Kasia and Monika

While chatting with members of Monica’s tribe, Kayce and Monica talk about how they are going to say goodbye to their son’s spirit. It is now the fourth day since the baby died, which means that the ceremony should take place then.

After Monica leaves, he reveals that his vision told him he had to choose between working as a livestock agent or getting married. He immediately chooses Monica and his son Tate. He asks Thomas Rainwater for a job on the reservation, but he is unable to give him anything. Instead, it is suggested that he ask his brother Jamie for a job as an investigator for the Montana Department of Justice in their region.

Kacye and John Yellowstone season 6
Kayce (Luke Grimes) and John Dutton (Kevin Costner) walk the ranch in “Yellowstone Season 6 Episode 3”. Yellowstone returns to the Paramount Network with Episode 4, “Horses in Heaven”, on Sunday, November 27.
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At home, Monica screams and cuts her hair in a fit of rage. This is the first time we’ve seen her express her sadness since losing her baby.

Kayce later arrives in Yellowstone, a place we haven’t seen in a while. He comes to talk to his father, the governor of Montana. He asks John if they can bury their baby there so that it will be a place for him to visit. This is quite reminiscent of James Dutton (Tim McGraw) in the prequel series 1883who buried his daughter Elsa on Yellowstone land, that’s how they settled in Montana.

He also informs John that he is quitting his job. John reluctantly accepts his decision.

Jamie on target

Jamie arrives at his office where he is served by Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri) and members of Market Equities. As we know from last week, she plans to get her way by taking advantage of Jamie’s anxiety with his family and hers.

Initially, Jamie has the upper hand at the meeting as he annoys Councilman Ellis accompanying Sarah, but after he leaves, she starts working on him. He appeals to Jamie financially, believing he knows he knows he made a mistake canceling the lease. Sarah tells Jamie she’s not there to sue but to find “a soft landing for both of us”.

She uses her magic and invites him to dinner at the Deer Field Club. When she leaves the room, she and the councilman have been playing with Jamie all along. Again, episode 4 will likely see what happens when Sarah tries to manipulate Jamie

Genius and pride by Beth Dutton

Beth, who has a controlling interest in investment firm Schwartz & Meyer, is in town to offer her shares in exchange for the property. Rob, the man she’s dating, says it’s too good to be true, so he doesn’t trust her. She privately informs him that she is relinquishing all her power as Market Equities will come for her part in the lawsuit.

Without much convincing, Rob signs an elaborate contract, much to Beth’s delight. After that, he leaves Salt Lake City and returns to Yellowstone.

Beth is delighted, but Caroline Warner, CEO of Market Equities, is furious to see that Burson International has acquired Schwartz & Myer. As recalled by New York City supervisors, Caroline tells Ellis to “ruin this family”, referring to the Duttons.

To celebrate her victory, Beth, Rip and Carter head to the barracks where they celebrate Lloyd’s birthday by playing cards. Bored with this, Beth suggests they go bigger and go to a bar in Bozeman. Rip tries to get his way, but Beth gets her way.

Abbey, played by true country music star Lainey Wilson, is at the bar. She danced with Ryan in Episode 1 and seems much happier to see and dance with him this time.

Lainey Wilson in Yellowstone S6E3
Lainey Wilson returns as Abbey during Season 6 Episode 3 “Yellowstone”. Yellowstone returns to the Paramount Network with Episode 4 “Horses in Heaven” on Sunday, November 27.
Paramount Network

Inevitably, just as Rip warned, things get out of hand when the woman starts flirting with him. He makes the unwise decision to approach an angry Beth who smashes her bottle over her head. A bar fight ensues, but the police arrive to settle the matter. Even on the outside, Beth holds a grudge against the woman and punches her in the face.

The police have released all the ranchers, but Sheriff Ramsey informs Rip that Beth will be charged with aggravated assault. When a police vehicle picks up Beth, the next episode turns into a big problem for Rip.

Yellowstone returns to the Paramount Network with Episode 4, “Horses in Heaven”, on Sunday, November 27.

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