PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A group of mothers gathered in front of Roxborough High School on Friday morning to show support for the students. They are trying process a shootout in which one of the school’s soccer players was killed and injured four others.

What a morning it was for the students at Roxborough High School.

First, they were greeted by a group of mothers who wanted to show them their support after Tuesday’s shooting.

Suddenly, several fire trucks pulled up in front of the school.

When fire crews dropped into the school around 8:10 a.m., CBS3 found out they were responding to reports of a school trash can fire. They had to get it pretty quick as they left about 20 minutes after arriving.

Previously, it was a strong show of support from the Roxborough Moms Facebook group.

These moms have set up the entire entrance to the school so that they can greet each student. Many held signs with messages of support.

Others offered the students something to eat for breakfast or sometimes hugged them.

Moms of Roxborough, who CBS3 spoke to, wanted their signs to speak for them, but it’s not just mums meeting at the school.

One CBS3 man spoke to CBS3 who saw a post about this meeting on Facebook and decided to bring some of his friends and colleagues here to keep the signs and show even more support.

“For the community to welcome them here, let them know they care, hopefully communicating a sense of security will make a difference,” said the man.

This is the latest example of a community coming together to support these students.

On Thursday evening at least 100 people gathered in the nearby Gorgas Park in honor of the vigil Nicolas Elizalde – 14-year-old Roxborough footballer who was shot after the fight on Tuesday.

Four other players were also hit in this shootout. Everyone is expected to be alright.

The police recovered gray stolen SUV that, they say, was used as an escape vehicle after the shooting.

Still trying to track down the five responsible shooters.

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