The internet att*cked the owner of the apartment for wanting to kick out their tenants because the air conditioning is kept at 70 degrees.

Published on Reddit’s r / Antiwork forum, an account under the anonymous username u / SmashNDash23 published a report that received over 15,000 votes in favor and 1,900 comments.

Posted on social media, the landlord explains his reasons why they want their tenants to leave. They asked themselves: “Is it possible to terminate the tenant early?”

Above, a representative image of the owner worried about the tenant. Posted on Reddit’s r / antiwork forum, the landlord has been bludgeoned for wanting to kick out his tenants for setting the air conditioning to 70 degrees.
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“I have a tenant who pays on time and is fairly clean so no problems. However, all utilities are rented and the air conditioning operates at a 70-degree angle 24 hours a day, which keeps it running, “they wrote.

They detail that they need to contact an HVAC worker to get it fixed, which costs them around $ 350. They explain that it happens once every two months. They already told tenants that they should keep air conditioning at 75 degrees during the day and 72 degrees in the evening. The tenants “don’t care” and keep it at 70 degrees.

“I’m at a point where I don’t think I want them to live there, I don’t think what I can provide suits their needs, so I want to terminate their lease in advance,” they concluded.

Newsweek posted several articles on conflicts between tenants and landlords, including how the landlord was shocked by the condition of their premises after the tenant was evicted, the internet remained fragmented after the landlord refused the tenant a refund for the hotel stay and the tenant was praised online for it that without telling the owner that they are leaving after buying the house.

For what reasons can you dismiss a tenant?

About 2.7 million households are at risk of eviction each year, according to a study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

If you are an owner looking to kick out a tenant, here are some legal reasons why you can ask them to leave the apartment through

  • The tenant does not pay the rent on time or in full.
  • The tenant is engaged in criminal activity.
  • If the tenant is involved in domestic violence, including bullying, harassment and kidnapping.
  • They do not comply with Community health and safety standards.
  • When their lease ends and they still have to leave the premises.
  • If they are holding an unauthorized pet or person.
  • If they caused great damage to your property.

Redditor reactions

U / ambush_boy wrote: “They don’t fix the problem if they have to come up twice a month …”

“Professional HVAC technician here,” u / Binnacle_Balls_jr replied to the comment above, “Setting AC to 70 is not a cause of” backup “(whatever that means). Something is wrong and the owner doesn’t want to pay to fix it. He skips this part (the technician probably tells him this every time they leave). “

“So the landlord wants to throw out the ideal tenant because they don’t want to buy a new HVAC system? Controlling the temperature in a paying tenant’s home is treatment on the verge of prison. How gross that is, ”exclaimed u / YellowSaylor.

“Backing up is not the tenant’s problem. Pay money to repair your property. This is the least you can do because another man is paying back YOUR property. Apparently you have a tenant as otherwise you CANNOT afford it. The owner is not a job. This means you are biting off more than you can chew, ”commented u / DreJDavis.

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