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A lawsuit has been filed against a student in the San Diego school district over a vaccine mandate.

California’s two largest school districts لاس Los Angeles and San Diego have been targeted in cases challenging the mandate of their student’s Covid 19 vaccination, alleging that vaccines are too new and without immunizations. Children face discrimination and denial of equal rights to public education.

Both school systems were ahead of the state in terms of student vaccine needs to secure campus and limit the spread of the corona virus in the community – and their mandates are more comprehensive than state requirements, which have yet to be enacted into law. Has not been

In Los Angeles, an unnamed parent filed a lawsuit Friday. In San Diego, parent group Let the Breath filed a lawsuit Monday. The group had earlier filed a pending lawsuit against the state student Mask Mandate.

The lawsuits against each district were prepared by Anastad, a law firm based in Andalin & Corn, San Diego County. Both cases use almost identical language in challenging the legal basis of the mandate.

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