Mike Ross waded through the steady stream of water to save the cat with orange and white fur.

A Florida man celebrates after saving a abandoned cat from wrath Hurricane Ian.

A terrible looking cat with orange and white fur hovered above the installed air conditioner, and under it a steady stream of water. 29-year-old Mike Ross noticed a scared cat from the window and immediately ran outside.

Ross, who lives in Bonita Springs, southwest Florida, has evacuated to his parents’ apartment nearby to escape the storm. He said his home was “10 feet under the water” and that his parents had a “fortress” built to survive hurricanes.

When he looked outside, he was stunned to see the cat sitting there all alone. He couldn’t conceive of leaving him alone.

“At that point, the storm sped up,” Ross recalls, adding that the incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at around 2pm, shortly before a Category 4 hurricane landed in Southwest Florida at 150mph.

Having lived in this area all his life, he has known hurricanes, but said this one was “absolutely terrible.”

The cat, Ross said, seemed “terrified.”

Up to his knees in the flood, Ross trudged toward the cat, pushing himself against the tide. When he got close enough, he picked up the abandoned animal and pressed it tightly against his chest, lifting it to safety.

Ross’s mother, Marybeth Ross, captured the rescue on camera. In the background of the movie, he hears him remark: “Look at Michael rescuing a kitten. Oh my.

Ross’s girlfriend shared the clip Twitterand the internet noticed it quickly. The film has been watched over 1.1 million times, and comments came in with bated breath.

Absolute Hero. Marry this man. I hope you all stay safe ” one person commented.

“I cry my eyes” another wrote.

“Sorry Megan, but he is now everyone’s boyfriend” someone tweeted.

People also shared similar stories about saving cats: “Hurricane cats are an old tradition in Florida. We picked up ours a few years ago during the Irma. I can’t imagine this house without a tripod. ” one person commentedsharing a picture of a cat.

While most people praise Ross’s rescue operation (the most common comment is: “Marry him”), Others expressed concern about the many animals that might not survive the storm.

“This kitten was saved, but I dare not think how many others will not be” one person tweeted. “It breaks my heart.”

Ross, who works as a consultant for a software development company, said he shares the same concerns. Even so, she is relieved that at least one stranded pet is now alive and well.

The cat is currently hanging out with Ross and his family, and the plan is to keep him if they can’t find his owners.

Meanwhile, his newly found furry friend has a roof over his head and a loving home.

Most importantly, the cat “looks healthy,” said Ross.

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