A Mass Woman Is Expecting 1 in 70 Million Sets of Quadruples


“I think I was selected for this.”

ashley ness

A routine doctor’s appointment quickly became less than routine for a Taunton woman when she learned she was unexpectedly pregnant. But what was really surprising arrived at the ultrasound appointment.

As the technology was scanning his abdomen, he found something unexpected. Ashley Ness not only had one child, but she also had four children.

“It’s just me and the technology there, she’s sitting there, she’s scanning me, and then she writes ‘AB,’ so I look at her and I’m like, ‘Wait, wait, do I have twins? Huh?’ … she’s like, ‘Um, honey, you have four kids,'” Ness recently told Greeley Tribune.com. “I thought I was about to faint.”

Ness found out she was pregnant just before Valentine’s Day, and found out the surprise was four times two weeks later.

When she first learned about her four children, Ness said it was really hard to believe and that she had a lot of questions running through her head.

“I was literally sitting there because she’s still scanning me, and I’m like, ‘Okay, how am I going to do this? Like, how do I tell my boyfriend that I’m having quadruplets? How do I tell my family that I am getting quadrupled?” she said.

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Ness waited a while to tell anyone because of the potential for complications, and when she started telling people, they had trouble believing her.

“I even waited to tell people, because I just wanted to make sure the kids are okay because I’ve had miscarriages in the past and the chances are high.” [because] I am at high risk now,” she said. “When I started telling people it was in April, everyone thought it was an April Fool’s joke.”

But no, Ness said, it’s “as serious as a heart attack.”

“I’ve always been the person to have many kids with me, whether obviously my daughter myself, my boyfriend’s boys, and then I’ve always had friends with me,” she said. “So I’ve always been the girl to have a hundred kids. Everyone who knows me knows that, ‘Oh, Ashley has all the kids.’ … that’s always been me so I guess that’s what prepared me for it.”

Ness said that many people told her they were surprised, but no one doubted that she could have four children.

“My mom and dad were happy. They were like, ‘Honestly, if anyone can do this, it’s you. We don’t care about you,” she said. “Most people who really know me, it’s his comment, they’re like, ‘Ash, you get it. It’s you, your name is on it.'”

Ness said her 8-year-old daughter was thrilled, too.

“I swear [she] It has also been prepared for,” she said. “Since she was little, it’s always been baby dolls. All she wanted to do was have kids and always wanted to take care of the kids. She would call my friends and say, ‘Can I babysit for you? ‘ It’s perfect for him.”

Ness said he’s most excited to meet the kids, and see how “furious” they are. She has two identical twins, one of girls and one of boys. This combination, two sets of identical twins conceived naturally, occurs only once in every 70 million pregnancies, Ness said she was told.

“I can’t wait to see how similar they are. Will I have a hard time telling them apart?” Ness said. “As of right now, I think they’re pretty active inside, so I’m like, ‘Oh, are you going to be the flamboyant little nugget when you come out? Are you gonna give me a run for my money? “

The logistics of raising four children – the top of the three children she and her boyfriend are staying at home – have not escaped Ness.

“I’m not going to be able to go to the grocery store and take my baby and grab the carrier — I have four carriers now,” she said. “There were just so many initials that were running through my mind. At this point in time, I’m just like, ‘I’m just going to do it.'”

They will eventually have to get a passenger van to accommodate their nine-person family, and are hoping to add an addition to their three-bedroom home to fit the new kids.

Ness fans started a gofundme That’s why the campaign – raising four new babies at once is a costly and daunting endeavor. Ness said she is not the person asking for help but greatly appreciates everyone’s generosity.

“I really, really appreciate what everyone does for me,” she said. “Just to see how positive people have been and what they have done for me really melts my heart. Not even knowing me and wanting to help me – it’s amazing.”

She hopes to use the GoFundMe money to pay for the addition of her house.

Ness is 23 weeks old now and still working as a hairstylist. In her mind, she thinks she’ll work until she has children, although, she acknowledged, her doctors may have a different view.

“The beginning was very difficult. I was very sick, she said. “But once I finished the first trimester, it’s been amazing. … I feel like I was picked for it, but it’s been very comfortable. Like you have normal aches and stuff, but Nothing crazy.”

The babies are due in mid-October, although will be delivered somewhere between 30 and 32 weeks old.

“Once I know that everything is good and they are here and they are still healthy,” Ness said, “I just can’t wait to be that part.”

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