A mother from Pennsylvania and her three young children were identified after a fire in a farmhouse over the weekend.

Elizabeth Seltzer, 33, and her one-year-old son Jordan were killed in firealong with Seltzer daughters Ainsley (3) and Paisley (6), reports WFMJ.

The body of an adult male was also found, but according to the information, he is awaiting identification in the medical records outside the state.

Seltzer “was an amazing human being who loved with all her heart and didn’t think about abandoning everything she did to help her family when they needed it, even if they didn’t know they needed it,” reads GoFundMe founded by Sister Seltzer for funeral expenses .

Almost $ 38,000 has been raised as part of the collection.

The cause of the fatal fire is still being investigated by the state fire marshal.

According to the WFMJ, the cause of the young family’s d*ath will not be confirmed for approximately three weeks.

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