Donald Trump Jr. was criticized on the Internet for att*cking the health of Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman.

Speaking at an election rally in Miami, Florida on Sunday, Donald Trump’s eldest son, 44, said the vice-governor had “mush for the brain” after a stroke in May.

In this joint picture, Pennsylvania Democrat candidate for Senate Governor John Fetterman addressing supporters at a rally at the Carpenters Union Hall in Pittsburgh on November 7, 2022; and Donald Trump Jr. at a rally at Dayton International Airport on November 7, 2022 in Vandalia, Ohio. The former president’s son sparked controversy by saying that the Democrat, who recovered from a stroke in May, has “mush on the brain.”

Trump Jr. began his att*cks by saying that Fetterman, who is battling Dr. Mehmet Oz in a fierce Senate race, should not be admitted to office because he lacks “basic cognitive functions.”

Trump Jr. said that if Fetterman becomes a senator, he will only “vote” [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer tells him, “adding that the Democratic Party will” pull the strings by raising his hand to one side when it matters. “

“We are opposed to the Democratic Party today, which does not believe that a US senator should not have brain pulp, brain pulp should be 100 percent okay,” said Trump’s son. “This should be the Democrats’ slogan for 2024.”

Many social media users denounced the former president’s son for his comments about the health of a recovering stroke victim.

“It’s disgusting, but it’s cruel,” former NBC Universal Executive Director Mike Sington tweeted, sharing the clip with comments.

Andrew Feinberg, political reporter for British Internet newspaper Independentdescribed the comments as an “evil att*ck” on Fetterman.

Twitter user Alicia Givens wrote: “Don Jr. stood there earlier calling Fetterman’s brain dead brain and mush for the brain, and now Trump is referring to Nancy Pelosi as an animal?” Ohio, Monday.

“Is there ANY decency left at this party? Vote BLUE if you have any respect for America. “

Elsewhere, a highly edited article in Vanity fair the commentary discussion in Florida begins: “Nobody has ever accused Donald Trump Jr. about being a decent person, but over the weekend he went from a “bad person” to “a mean piece of sh*t” when he used his time at a Florida rally to mock Senate candidate John Fetterman for having a stroke.

Fetterman’s post-stroke health was one of the main points of discussion in the Senate.

Fetterman said he still has audio processing issues on the campaign track and used the subtitle system in the only television debate with Oz on October 25, where the Democrat made a poor performance.

In October, Fetterman published a medical report in which doctors said he was recovering well from a stroke and “has no job restrictions and can work at full capacity in public offices.”

Newsweek contacted Fetterman’s office for comment.

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