NASCAR driver Andrew Grady att*cked his rival Davey Callihan during the Martinsville Speedway crash in Virginia.

The video captured scenes from Saturday where Grady could be seen hitting Callihan while he was sitting in the car.

The shelling of Grady continued and he was seen kicking the vehicle before being picked up by a member of staff and taken away.

Moments later, several men were seen trying to calm Grady after he repeatedly punched Callihan and kicked his car.

Grady released his dam after an accident during a heat race in which he competed with Callihan for a transfer spot.

He later claimed that Callihan had dumped him and that he was furious shortly thereafter.

The driver told Racing America, “He dumped me. So I started Mike Tysoning his head. At the end of the day, we did really, really well.

“The car was going fast. But man, you got those fools who come here and run around with us, and they have no interest in running a late model let alone a lawn mower.

“He wasn’t close, he b*mbed me while diving, he accosted me. I wanted to talk to him and he turned me down. So I started Mike Tysoning his head. You’re in big boys sports.

“When you destroy a man, you can take the adult male ** to be flogged. That’s how I feel about it.

According to Racing America’s editor-in-chief Matt Weaver, Callihan has denied that he dumped Grady.

He said, “No, I’ve never upset anyone. He just came over and started beating me in the race car. I understand he is frustrated, but on the other hand it was about the transfer seat and we were just fighting for our lives. “

Newsweek contacted NASCAR for comment.

Mason Massey, Anderson Power Services Chevrolet # 91 driver, and Justin Allgaier, Chevrolet # 7 BRANDT driver, race the NASCAR Xfinity Series Call 811 Before You Dig 250 race run by Call at Martinsville Speedway on April 8, 2022 at Martinsville, Virginia. The fight was captured on camera.

NASCAR stirs up a lot of excitement on and off the track, with some great athletes telling about their feelings and racing.

Kyle Petty said earlier Newsweek he never considered racing, even after his son Adam died in a car accident.

He said, “No. Never. It never occurred to me to stop racing. Instead, I felt called to continue racing, possibly longer than I should, for Adam.

“From the day I was born I have raced. It’s part of my DNA. Originally from rural North Carolina, I grew up in a milling and farming community where even if the crops failed or the textile industry changed, you didn’t just stop what you were doing.

“You’ve adjusted and persevered because that’s the only life you’ve ever known. Even in difficult times, even when tragedy happened, you always found a way to move on. And I did that too. “

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