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A racist remark by Raiders coach John Groden in a 2011 email has been reprimanded by the NFL.

John Groden used a racist remark about NFL Players’ Association leader De Maurice Smith in an email 10 years ago. The report strongly and immediately reprimanded the NFL on Friday.

A Wall Street Journal story notes that Groden, who then worked for ESPN and is now the coach of the Las Vegas Riders, racistly referred to Smith’s facial features.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the e-mail from John Gordon condemning De Morris Smith was horrific, hateful and completely against NFL values. “We condemn this statement and regret any loss that its publication may have reached Mr Smith or anyone else.”

The league is looking into the matter, and a person familiar with the investigation told the Associated Press that disciplinary action may be taken against Groden. The man spoke on condition of anonymity because details of any league investigation have not been made public.

Groden’s comments came in an email to Bruce Allen, then president of the Washington football team, during a 2011 NFL lockdown. Groden told the newspaper that he was angry about the lockdown during the labor talks and did not trust the direction he was taking towards the union. He also apologized for the comments, according to the magazine.

“Dumboris Smith’s lips are the size of Michelin’s tires,” Groden wrote in a revised email from the newspaper.

Raiders owner Mark Davis said in a statement that Groden’s email did not reflect the team’s standards.

“The content of an e-mail from De Morris Smith about John Gordon working for ESPN 10 years ago is troubling, not about the raiders,” Davis said. “We were first informed of the e-mail by a reporter late yesterday and are reviewing it with other material provided to us today by the NFL. We have resolved this issue with Coach Groden. And will not comment further at this time.

McCarthy added that during a review of workplace e-mails in the Washington football team, “the league was informed of the existence of e-mails which raised issues beyond the scope of this investigation.” ”

Roger Goodell added that “over the past few months, at the behest of the commissioner,” senior NFL executives have reviewed the contents of more than 650,000 emails, including those sent to a club employee. ۔ Earlier this week, executives presented a summary of the review to the commissioner, who is sharing emails about Coach Grodon with Riders executives.

Smith told the newspaper: “This is not the first racist comment I’ve heard and it probably won’t be the last. It’s a thick skin job for someone with dark skin, as it has always been for many people. Who look like me and work in corporate America.

Groden defended his list of experiences on racial equality and inclusion, acknowledging that his email had gone “too far.”

Groden led the Raiders from 1998 until after the 2001 season when it was sold in Tampa Bay. He immediately led the Buckeyes to the Super Bowl title – against the Raiders.

He lived in Tampa for the 2008 season before being fired, then went to the “Monday Night Football” booth.

Riders, then in Auckland, relaunched Groden in 2018 with a 10-year, 100 million contract. The team moved to Las Vegas last year and has not played in a playoff since returning. But the Raids are 3-1 in 2021.

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