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A two-headed tortoise thrives in a Massachusetts animal shelter.

BARNSTABLE, MASS – A rare two-headed diamondback therapeutic tortoise is alive and kicking – with all six of its legs Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center After hatching two weeks ago in Massachusetts.

Of the endangered species in the state, the tortoise feeds on blood worms and edible pellets. Center Say. Both heads work independently, come in for air at different times, and inside the shell are two gastrointestinal systems to feed both sides of the body.

The tortoise originally came from a nest in West Barnstable, which researchers determined was in a dangerous location and needed to be moved. After hatching, turtles in these so-called “headstart” nests are sent to various care centers for pre-release surveillance, according to The Cape Code Times.

Center Veterinarian Priya Patel and other staff members will continue to monitor the turtles, which they named after twin stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. Staff are hoping to have a CT scan to learn more about its circulatory system.

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