A woman’s limb was removed for not farting in front of her boyfriend for years.

Some people attribute gas to a woman’s lack of flatulence around her partner, but it eventually led to an emergency hospital visit.

Irish barista Cara Clark, 19, reportedly had to have her appendix removed over the past week after being in the foot for two full years around her boyfriend, Kyle Duffy, 21. clark posted a tiktok videos On his account on March 29, which has been viewed about 2.2 million times.

clark said nottingham post That she had “extreme abdominal pain” at work last Tuesday and went to the hospital immediately. The Louth native said she found out she had an infection that required removal of the appendix before it burst – seemingly because she wouldn’t pass gas in front of Duffy, who reportedly “laughs” at the logic of the surgery. was dying”.

“I hold on to my farts, but I didn’t think I’d be in the hospital for it,” she told the publication. “I’m going pretty easy except for burps and farts… I was in so much pain I couldn’t hold my tears. My doctor said to me, ‘I’m like, sorry you’re in so much pain.’

“At the hospital, I started blaming my boyfriend because I always put my feet around him,” she continued. “We’ve been together two years and that’s still the case. He honestly didn’t know what to say. He said, ‘God, people will think you’re scared of everything with me.'”

An Irish woman had to have her appendix removed, which she said was caused by not farting in front of her boyfriend for two years.
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The short video included a photo of Clarke and Duffy, which read, “My boyfriend and I doing everything relaxed and together.” But in the next image she is seen lying in the hospital, as the text reads, “I have to remove my appendix because I’m holding my feet around it.”

The video garnered nearly 2,700 comments, many of which included women like Clarke who do the same. Others said that they “loosen” around their male partners regardless. One user simply said, “New fear opened.”

“Almost 5 years together and that guy never heard me fart,” commented one user.

“I would never make that sacrifice for one man,” said another.

“I’ve had them around everyone my whole life,” commented one woman. “None of my friends and family have seen me give a RIP since I was a kid.”

The appendix is ​​a thin tube attached to the large intestine and located in the lower right side of the abdomen or abdomen. Johns Hopkins states that appendicitis is a medical emergency because of the potential for organ rupture.

Appendicitis can be caused by a viral infection, bacteria, or parasite in one’s digestive tract — or when the appendix becomes “blocked or trapped by stool.” Or it can happen when the tube connecting your large intestine and appendix becomes blocked or trapped by stool.

Healthline reports that a buildup of gas can cause a sharp pain in the abdominal area, adding that gas pain is short-lived and does not usually require medical attention. However, it is noted that passing gas can help completely reduce the chances of abdominal pain and appendicitis.

Clark said that when she arrived at the hospital, it was immediately discovered she had appendicitis. Whether or not this condition was caused by gas formation or just a coincidence remains a mystery.

She said the emergency done last Thursday was not a busy one and it went well.

“At this stage, I’ll have to work it out for now,” she quipped.

Clarke said that she was shocked that her TikTok video went viral.

“I didn’t expect this reaction at all,” she admitted. “Kyle just basically called and knew I posted a TikTok video. We always piss each other off. I didn’t expect it to go viral overnight.”

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