CHELTENHAM TOWNSHIP, PA (CBS) – Car theft turned into a stab after a man came face to face with would-be thieves. Neighbors who heard the incident responded Saturday night.

This stab victim remains in critical condition after police said he was trying to stop a group of masked men from breaking into his SUV in Cheltenham Township. He was stabbed several times.

The victim underwent urgent surgery after being stabbed right outside her home.

Police say two men tried to break into his Suburban, and then two more joined the victim.

“It was very disturbing that something like this happened in our neighborhood, it was just very surprising,” said Joe Reilly.

Neighbors on the 200 block of Grove Avenue in Cheltenham Township were thrown from deep sleep around 3am Saturday morning after a group of masked men attempted to break into a men’s Chevy Suburban.

“Waking up in the middle of the night, you don’t really know what’s going on, but when I started looking, I started to see an ambulance with a few stretchers and knew it was wrong,” said the man.

Police say the SUV owner confronted a group of four men. When a fight ensued, he tried to fight back, but the victim was stabbed multiple times.

“He was walking down the street and I heard him say, ‘Oh my God, I was stabbed, I was stabbed,’ Reilly said.

The surveillance video obtained by CBS3 shows a dark car entering the block just before 3:00

About a minute later it moves back and accelerates.

Officers found the victim near his home suffering from multiple stab wounds.

“Hopefully this is just a one-time thing and shouldn’t happen again,” Reilly said.

Cheltenham Township Police say there have been recent vehicle thefts in the area.

Now the people living in this quiet block are flustered after this brutal att*ck.

“You’ve had to be really vigilant over the last few years because crime is just rampant everywhere,” said one man.

Police say the victim managed to remove the mask from one of the men, but do not have a good description of the suspects or the car that was supposed to escape.

They ask neighbors in the area to review any surveillance footage and invite anyone who has information to report.

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