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Adele’s Divorce Belt ‘Easy On Me’ is far more devastating than we think.

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It is a strange branding that Adeel’s crying has become one. Super Bowl Event.

Strange emotional blood in this case is the expected source of increased sports: singer, one of them Very clever translator The complex confusion of pain that revolves around heartbreak and love has gone through divorce. Since her last album..

I would not say that anyone felt that they were indebted to Adeel’s singing, filtered through the indescribable trauma of such a catastrophic event in a person’s life. But indescribable through growing songs. Is Adele’s special ability..

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So when his new album. 30 Announced, fans began digging construction grades and dug mainly nuclear bunkers, ready for the tragic nuclear Holocaust. Not only were they afraid of him, they were anxious for him. Couldn’t wait. Event of the year, this musical disaster. Bring tears Psh… There was none. Half Excited to hear about my breakup.

Lead single off. 30“Easy on me,” Released Thursday evening.. Hours ago they were busy preparing for this emotional resurrection. “These are remarkable. A friendly reminder not to text your ex after listening to it.” Everyone is an expert.)

Yet to make fun of all my ridiculous hype, at 7:01 ET, when “Easy On Me” appeared on my spottyf, I was afraid to press play myself. Turns out, maybe it was for good reason. The song sticks to this wild hype; but not for the reasons I think any of us expected

What surprised and ruined me about Adele’s “Ease on Me” was that I was expecting a song about demonic sadness – or, in the great tradition of divorce music, scorched earthly rage. Instead, it is linked to a shared love of empathy and a shared past.

How mature How unexpected. How incredibly relative. And how painful it is to hear.

It’s not about a bad husband, a revenge mission, or a cruelty to a woman. (For that, I can point to you. Chicks’ Gas lighter And urge you to go for a walk in the rocket of rage. You can never come back.) It’s about a great love that is gone. This experience, especially when set to music – feels like someone is tearing the heart to pieces like a piece of loosely paper. It’s so annoying, so difficult, so unforgettable for both people.

Her voice is probably healthier and more lively than that. Runs seem easier. At the end of the sentence, the trails go up as if this is a natural way to stop human speech. During the course she calibrates her cannon belt in such a way that it still revolves directly in your psyche and your emotions, but is so controlled that it not only allows you to use her voice. The whole relationship is manageable through the story, but, dear God, to all of you.

You can feel everything in her singing. A voice race speaks of scattered crime. The next one is confidence in the right decision. One course just sounds sad, sad. Another winner.

I want you to know that I feel like an absolute lunatic when I write things like this. “Sounds like a course …” What nonsense! But I’m not kidding you. The song, and its sound, is somewhat complicated, and somehow recognizes every part.

Music videos are an important part of it all.

It shows her leaving the cabin in a beautiful forested area. One is shown in “Hello” Similarly, staggering from her phone (we have graduated from Philip to iPhone in this era.) She is moving away from home and apparently her past life. The other truck has a chair and some sheet music accompanying it. In a flashback that sees him sitting in a chair and belting while papers fly around him, we can’t help but think Video for “rolling in depth”

So, Adele is moving away from her past, but it’s not that easy. She is also running on memory lane. Those are sweet memories. The kind of memories that make the decision even more disturbing. Memories that you think you can possibly recreate, or if you leave them are now stained.

But there is no song about leaving “Easy on Me”. This is a song about taste. Remember. To save

But there is no song about leaving “Easy on Me”. This is a song about taste. Remember. To save

Memories don’t go away just because there is a relationship. There is no love. What she is asking about in the course, for her predecessor, is to “go over it easily”, to come here. Still, can one get through this ordeal to the point where this is the new truth?

The song is a song. A big one But at the same time, it’s quieter, especially compared to lead singles like “Hello” or “Rolling in the Deep”. (I think that makes it even more interesting.) We’re used to big bangs in these songs. But with “Easy On Me” it’s almost like a whirlpool.

Yes, of course his voice is loud and powerful. But she’s pulling us in and telling her how she’s feeling about what she’s going through – seeing, understanding and maybe forgiving. In doing so, she is showing courage: if you really face your regrets, your mistakes, or your choices, even if those decisions are for you and you don’t like the people you like. used to.

Of course, this is about forgiveness, which is one of the most terrible acts of humanity. Bitterness, resentment and anger are easy, and in some ways satisfying. But what happens on the other side of this door? It is a terrible thing to visit this place, to feel where the pain is and should be, so that you may feel it again. It’s almost easy to live with your lost pieces.

Singer Adele smiles with boyfriend Rich Paul during Game Five of the NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Sons in Phoenix, Arizona on July 17, 2021.

Ronald Martinez / Getty

But this does not only apply to the other party in this situation. This is you. Can you forgive yourself for the times you mistreated? Were you not accepting? You refused to grow? When you didn’t show the love you felt?

“Easy on me” is very clever – maybe brilliant, even – it’s a dialogue. In the context of the song and what we now know about Adele’s divorce in public (simultaneously). Vogue Core On On both sides of the ocean Shows a lot of information), we can assume she sings about her decision to end the relationship and asks her ex-spouse to understand.

But the ways in which she describes who she was at the time and the ways in which she grew, experimented or thrived, she is trying to forgive herself – or at least herself Left to bear the sympathy she hopes for. It’s probably the healthiest song about heartbreak and about ending a relationship I’ve ever heard. Listening to it as a collective population, we have all gone for therapy only.

So while people on social media have historically been posting about how devastating, soul-crushing, slide-down shower door soaping “Easy on Me” has made them feel, it’s remarkable that any of us Not as expected. Anyway, give me Chardonnay and ice cream.

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