Adil Ray flooded with criticism over ‘flippant’ remark to Reggie Yates on ITV Good Morning Britain

Adil Ray impressed ITV Good Morning Britain fans with a comment for Reggie on the Today show.

Reggie promoting his new movie on ITV GMB Aadil Posing with Susannah Reid.

And it was during this innocent interview that Aadil The family members were left completely speechless.

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GH wrote: “When Adil Ray begins an interview with “You’ve broken stereotypes, no.” We think of a movie about black kids and we think of gangs, gangsters, drugs. .. you know. But there’s really nothing like that..”

Paul Foster commented: “According to Adil, when we think of “black kids” we think of gangs, drugs and gangsters!!!!!

Kimmy said angrily: “What did Adil say about black kids? Talk about stereotyping at your best.”

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Adil said: “Reggie, it’s so funny. I’ve seen the film – I mean, the trailer itself is fantastic. It’s fantastic.

“I love the fact that you’re breaking stereotypes, right? We think of a movie about black kids and we think it’s gangs, it’s gangsters, it’s drugs. But in this There is none, right?

“It’s an age-old film.”

Reggie nodded and said: “Yeah, it’s an age-old story more than anything else. I think we all have our fair share of trauma-based movies. It’s a fun Friday night and I Can’t wait for people to see it on Friday night.”

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