Advertisements for cosmetic procedures under the age of 18 will be banned

This means that companies will not be able to directly encourage young people to undergo cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation or reduction, “tummy tucks”, nose resizing or facelifts.

This includes advertisements around television shows that are likely to appeal to under-18s or any other form of media. under 18s as a large part of the audience.

The ban, which goes into effect in May 2022, will also extend to injectable treatments such as dermal fillings and skin rejuvenation treatments, chemical peels and lasers or light treatments and teeth-whitening products.

It was only in October 2021 under 18s Botox and dermal lip fillers were banned in England under a new law announced by the former Health Minister Nadine Dorries.

Bolton News: Botox and dermal fillers already banned for under-18s (PAs)Botox and dermal fillers already banned for under-18s (PAs)

Ms. Doris wrote in the Mail on 5 September: “No child needs cosmetic procedures unless for medical reasons. Their physical and mental development is not complete.”

The new rules come after concerns over growing mental health and body image issues among young people.

Shahriyar Kupal, Director of the Committee on Advertising Practice (CAP), said: “Due to the inherent risks of cosmetic intervention procedures and the potential appeal of these services to youth struggling with body confidence issues, it is important that we address the bar as necessary. Set up at a higher level than marketing.

“The new rules will ensure that ads cannot be targeted at people under the age of 18 and where children and young people see them, our strict content rules mean that ads cannot mislead or otherwise mislead their audience. Can’t take advantage of its weaknesses.”

Cosmetic procedures designed to alter a person’s physical appearance have increased among young people attempting to achieve an “Instagram face”.

An “Instagram face” characterized by high cheekbones, poreless skin, cat-like eyes and plump lips is commonly seen among celebrities and influencers on social media sites.

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