SAN JOSE – Nearly 200 inexpensive homes could spring up on parts of a mall in the south of San Jose, meaning housing will remain a viable replacement for some storefronts in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to documents on file with town planners, the estate would be built on what is now a commercial site at 1816 and 1818 Hillsdale Ave. in San Jose.

The commercial building and part of the adjoining car park will be converted into a six-story residential building with 187 apartments, in line with the plans presented in the Town Hall.

The proposed investment would be a “100% affordable rental project with one-story commercial space and garage”, in line with the plans presented at the City Hall exhibition. Trade on the ground floor would amount to approximately 2,100 square feet.

San Francisco-based Maracor Development has made a very preliminary proposal to develop a residential complex. Maracor has proposed or is developing other residential areas in San Jose.

Dragon Day Spa and Sushi Expo are among the buyers who are occupying a building that a developer intends to demolish to pave the way for housing, Google Maps shows.

The proposal shows that most of the mall will remain after the apartment is built. Big Lots, occupying a large amount of space in the mall, is one of the buyers that will remain.

Upon completion, the residences will include studios and 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, according to the initial proposal.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, personal purchases have declined at many retail stores.

As some buyers still struggle to attract customers, real estate companies have begun looking for locations where they can replace commercial premises with residential premises.

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