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“I do not want to go there”.

Alex Cora supported the Celtics while he was the Red Sox manager, attended matches frequently, and hosted Brad Stevens for spring training in 2019. Barry Chin / Boston Globe

Red Sox manager Alex Cora was already in Ime Udoka’s situation.

In 2020, Cora agreed to step down as Boston manager before being suspended for an entire season due to his role in signaling the Astros mark.

But Cora, who returned to the Red Sox after the 2020 season, gave no advice to the Celtics coach who was suspended for the upcoming NBA season after breaking multiple team violations.

“I don’t want to go there,” said Cora when asked on Friday about the matter.

The situation gave Cora a chance to reflect on her year of absence from the game.

“AND [expletive] up right, ‘said Cora. “I made a mistake and paid the price. But when it did, something bigger happened in the world, a pandemic. So just to be home for this reason, for whatever reason, the man upstairs put me in the place my family needed, whatever my pro [situation].

“It’s hard for me to explain it because yes, I was there with my kids and I could be with my twins and family in the middle of a pandemic and help [my girlfriend] Angelica. I do not know how to explain it.

Cora believes that this year has helped him grow.

“Coming back, you can ask these people [the beat reporters]. They probably know better how I handled it all, ”Cora said. “I just kept learning from it and moving on.”

The first season after Cora’s return from suspension was successful on the pitch. The Red Sox made it to ALCS before relegating to Astros in six games. However, this season was not that nice. Boston relegated to 72-78 in the season following Friday’s defeat to New York City, as Cora will likely be under 0.500 seasons for the first time in four years as a manager.

Cora wasn’t the only coach in Boston to be asked about the situation with the Celtics on Friday. Bill Belichick communicated his thoughts as well, but only on interim Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla, who visited the Patriots during the training camp.

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