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After the election, Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr made phone calls to Capt. Dodging Rudy Giuliani.

In the weeks following Election Night in November, Rudy Gilani repeatedly tried to call then-Attorney General William Barr to direct allegations of Trump’s legal team’s uncertainty and conspiratorial election fraud directly to the Justice Department. To be promoted to positions. Unfortunately for then-President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer, the team refused to return repeated phone calls from Jelliwani, according to three people familiar with Trump’s supplies.

Rudy briefed President Trump [at the time] One of the sources reminded that the bar was not helpful or responsible. “But it was not surprising that so many people around the president did not take that step again and again.”

It is true that when Trump and the GOP’s crusade to end the 2020 results kicked off high gear, the Bar preferred to do the least. A few days after the election night, Trump kept gnashing his teeth behind closed doors That the Bar and the Justice Department were not intervening hastily and aggressively to keep Trump in power.

However, in the aftermath of the Bar’s election campaign, Trump’s allies presented themselves as an obstacle to efforts to overthrow President Joe Biden’s legitimate and clear victory, citing numerous conspiracy theories put forward by Trump’s prominent allies. Therefore, the former Attorney General has easily left the foundation. .

In early November, the bar also tried to keep it both ways. The then AG Issued a memo The prosecution has been warned not to pursue “speculation, speculation, fictitious or far-reaching claims” but the directive violates a long-standing departmental rule of not initiating a public inquiry before the election is confirmed. Within hours of receiving the memo, a prosecutor resigned in protest.

Gilani did not respond to requests for comment on the story. Also, could not reach the bar for comment.

And the pillow-growing Mike Lindell and Trump’s attorney, Sidney Powell, backed Trump’s statement about Trump’s presidential election long before he spread counterfeit ideas about Chinese hackers or other foreign actors, which has not yet happened. It happened. When Asked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer In September 2020 “I’ve seen intelligence,” Barr said, choosing China.

It is not clear what the intelligence was talking about after the bar Intelligence community assessment The announcement in March concluded that China had “made no attempt to intervene” to swing the election in any direction, adding that “Beijing considered the threat of interference possible because of its There was no revenge. “

Nor does the bar claim that mail in the ballot is tantamount to “playing with fire” and that it is “very open to fraud and oppression.” Barr predicted that postal voting would “undermine confidence in the outcome of the election and the legitimacy of the government.”

After the election, the bar itself Entered“To date, we have not seen a scale of fraud that could affect the outcome of elections.” In fact, a The Washington Post Analysis It turns out that the number of suspected cases of voter fraud is only 10,000% of the national vote.

The entry sparked tensions between Jilani and the bar over the choice – which was largely private. In a december Statement Reacting to the Bar’s rejection of the fraud allegations, Trump’s lawyers Gilani and Gina Ellis claimed that the Bar’s opinion was “information about any kind of irregularities and evidence of systematic fraud or Appears without investigation. ” Under the bar, the two complained, “there has been no sign of a Justice Department investigation,” and no Justice Department official has been contacted about voter fraud witnesses in contact with the Trump campaign legal team.

Bar’s efforts to remove the Justice Department from Giuliani’s fraud allegations have been fueled by widespread public fraud following public outbursts following the public defamation of the former New York mayor with the help of some unhappy sentiment among Republicans. Helped with the ability to reassure. Four seasons total scenes Alleging voter fraud in a press conference and his November speech with Sydney Powell Hair color.

But tensions flared up again after the bar appeared in interviews.

The bar gave a series of one-on-one interviews to author and ABC News correspondent Jonathan Carl over the past few months. The same article The former attorney general described Trump’s voter fraud claims as “all fraud” and highlighted Mitch McConnell’s comments that Barr was the only person who “put into reality” Trump’s wild claims about the election. Could do

The bar interview revealed information about the twice-affected former president and loyalists of the MAGA, this week Trump once again complained about the crushing of his once-high federal law enforcement agency, and said Unrestrained RNOs like Bill Bar and Mitch McConnell did nothing. To keep Trump in the White House.

He said it was immediately clear to the legal team that President Trump was considered an “establishment” including the bar, that he had absolutely no interest in reaching the truth, which was a complete dislike of the American people. The bar’s statement is not the whole story, “Gina Ellis, a former senior Trump legal adviser, told the Daily Beast on Monday during the 2020 election campaign and the post-election campaign.


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