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Aggressive Emails – Get out as a riders coach on The Mercury News.

Drown in excitement

John Groden is out as the coach of the Las Vegas Riders when he received racist, homosexual and misunderstood comments in emails he sent before he was hired in 2018.

A source familiar with the decision said Gruden was stepping down following a New York Times report that Gruden often misunderstood and used gay language at the behest of Commissioner Roger Goodell and others in the NFL.

It was the sharpest fall for Grodon, in his fourth year in 10 years, the 100 100 million deal he signed with Readers in 2018. It started on Friday when the Wall Street Journal reported that Groden used the racist term to describe the NFL. De Maurice Smith, head of the union, emailed Bruce Allen, a former Washington executive, in 2011.

The emails were discovered during an investigation into workplace misconduct on the Washington football team, but Gordon had to spend on his job.


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