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Alan West is the Gov. candidate for the Texas GoP.

Garland, Texas (AP) – Tea party firebrands. Alan West., The Republican nominee for governor of Texas said Saturday. They COVID-19 has received monoclonal antibody injections after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Antibodies are used to treat people who are in the early stages of the coronavirus.

“My chest x-rays show pneumonia, not serious. I’m probably going to be hospitalized,” West wrote. “I am concerned about the level of oxygen saturation, which is at 89 and should be at 95.”

He also said that his wife Angela West had a positive experience and had received monoclonal antibodies. According to his Twitter account, Alan West. No vaccine was given against the virus, however of that The wife did.

Alan The west Said on Thursday They Attended the Mission Generation Annual Gala in Seabrook, Texas and the “Packed House” at the Fundraiser. on Saturday They Tweeted that They The event is to be suspended in person until a clear indication is received.

Former West Texas Republican chairman and Florida congressman. They Announced in July They The Republican government will challenge Greg Abbott, who is running for a third term, and has been backed by Donald Trump.

West’s announcement comes a month after he resigned as chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

West won a seat in the US House of Representatives in Florida in 2010 and quickly became a tea party favorite and electric rod, with Democrats once accused of having 80 Communists in his House Cox. He failed to win re-election in 2012.

He later moved to Texas and stayed largely out of the spotlight until he became chairman of the state GOP party last year.

The West then began criticizing Republicans, like Democrats, calling the Texas House GOP speaker a “traitor” for working in the corridor, then leading a protest outside Abbott’s mansion over corona virus restrictions.

In October 2020, the West took part in protests outside Abbott’s home, criticizing Republican governors’ administrative orders – including statewide mask mandates and lockdowns due to the corona virus epidemic. Those restrictions are no longer in place.

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