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Alex Murdoch is now accused of embezzling money from Dead House keeper Gloria Setterfield.

South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdoch is facing criminal charges again.

Murdoch, a 53-year-old lawyer who is already plotting to assassinate himself to pay for insurance, has been charged with millions of “illegal settlement funds” in the death of his former domestic worker.

He was arrested Thursday morning and charged with two counts of possession of property under false pretenses after being released from his drug facility in Orlando, Florida.

“Today, these investigations are another step in a long process of justice for many of the victims. I want to commend the hard work and dedication that our agents have shown over the past four months.” Will continue to work hard at the hands of Alex Murdoch and others. As I have said before, we are determined to follow the facts wherever they lead us and we will not stop until justice is done.

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