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Alex Murdoch, SC’s lawyer, has been charged with aggravated robbery with manslaughter.

COLOMBIA, SC (AP) – A prominent South Carolina lawyer has been charged with stealing the insurance settlements of the sons of his late domestic worker.

Alex Murdoch Arrested at a drug rehabilitation facility in Orlando, Florida. of that The lawyers said They It’s been six weeks since the claim was made. They A lone roadside shot was fired near the head. of that Home, officials said.

Arrests include two serious charges of acquiring property under false pretenses. DieGloria Sturfield, home caregiver for decades. State Law Enforcement Division. Said in a statement.

According to the lawsuit filed by the sons, Murdo told Sturfield’s sons at the last rites in February 2018 that he would obtain insurance settlements for his death and take care of them.

The lawsuit alleges that Murdoch managed to get more than 4 4 million from his insurers, but he told his sons only 500 500,000 and never sent them a penny.

The Mardau family told the sons that their mother slipped on the family dog ​​and died of her injuries weeks later. The death was never reported to the Hampton County Coroner, who asked state police to investigate why she was not called in to consider what she would consider the accidental death.

Investigators say the man is being held in Florida’s Orange County Jail awaiting extradition. His lawyers promised during a bond hearing on various charges last month that Murdoch would return to South Carolina without a fight if he was charged with additional crimes.

The deaths of Murdoch’s son and wife are being sought at a Colton County home in June. Murdoch said he found Maggie Murdoch, 52, and his son Paul, 22, returning home after meeting their father at the hospital.

The state police have six investigations into the men, including the September allegations of insurance fraud against Mardau and attempts to arrange his death, and his surviving son could file a 10 10 million life insurance policy. ۔

Murdoch said he was shot in the head in the attempt. The gunman said the gun went off as he tried to stop his friend from shooting himself.

Thursday’s arrest is another step in the long process of justice in all investigations. State Law Enforcement Division. Chief Mark Kell said in a statement.

“As I said before, we are committed to following the facts where they will guide us and we will not stop until justice is done,” Kyle said.

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