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Alexei Navalny congratulates Nobel Prize-winning Russian editor.

Moscow (AP) – Imprisoned Russian opposition leader. Alexei Navalny, Who is considered by many to be the leading candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, has congratulated his beloved homeland. Dmitry Maratov. To win it.

Maratov, Editor of an independent newspaper. Novaya GazetaThe award was announced last week, along with Philippine investigative journalist Maria Resa.

Russia And the Philippines are such different countries, but the leaderships are the same, especially their endless lies and hatred of those who expose lies, ناوالنی۔ Said in Monday’s post on Facebook. “I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Dmitry Maratov. And Novaya Gazeta On the Nobel Peace Prize

Following the announcement of the prize, Maratov Said if They Was on the awards committee. They Would have voted ناوالنی۔. They He also said that the Peace Prize was given for the honor. of that Newspaper, no It.

ناوالنی۔Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most notable enemy was imprisoned this year after his return. Russia From Germany, where he was recovering from a nerve agent poisoning that he accuses the Kremlin of.

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