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marriage at first sight is heading to San Diego for its new season and will follow five new couples as they tackle a crash course in marriage, meeting parents, living together, and, hopefully, falling in love .

Like last season, not every wedding will be a success, and once again, fans can expect to see a whole host of drama, especially at the infamous dinner parties and coupling ceremonies.

After waiting six months, marriage at first sight Season 15 premieres Wednesday, July 6 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. But first, the audience will be treated as Married At First Sight Matchmaking Special On Wednesday, June 22, Joe takes a look at the matchmaking process and behind-the-scenes material.

Ahead of the special, Lifetime has revealed who will star in the reality series. newsweek Below is everything you need to know about them.

To meet marriage at first sight san diego couples

each competitor marriage at first sight Season 15 will expect the expert, Pastor Cal Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Devon Franklin, and Dr. Pia Holek to be “the one” for the person they have matched with.

Relationship experts Schwartz and Roberson are no strangers to fans of the series who have been a part of marriage at first sight Family from Season 1 and Season 4 respectively. Unfortunately, Dr. Viviana Coles will not appear on the show this season due to other work commitments.

Instead, Cal & Pepper will be joined by Hollywood producers, New York Times bestselling author and relationship consultant Devon Franklin, and Dr. Pia Holek, a psychotherapist specializing in sex and couples therapy.

Hopefully, if all goes well, they will join the 14 happily married couples from the show, some of whom have started families together.

There is a wide range of romantics participating in this, from an accountant to environmental policy experts. marriage at first sight san diego, Those who were introduced to their other half on their wedding day.

Meet the five new couples below:

Morgan and Binho

Morgan, 27, is a registered nurse from Bakersfield, Calif., ready to settle down. Her husband, Binh, age 29, is an engineer and first-generation Asian American after her parents fled Vietnam.

Newlyweds Morgan, 27, a registered nurse, and Binh, 29, an engineer.
Life span

Stacia and Nate

Stacia, 37, is an accountant from Lynwood, California, and her husband, Nate, 34, is a day trader, originally from Las Vegas.

Both Stacia and Nate grew up in single-parent homes, and both struggle to find one that matches their dreams and ambitions.

Stacia Nate Married At First Sight
Stacia and Nate on their wedding day in Married At First Sight season 15.
Life span

alexis and justin

Justin, 33, is a digital marketing specialist from Mobile, Alabama. He tied the knot with 29-year-old Alexis, a logistics specialist from New Jersey.

Alex has been proposed three times but Justin has never proposed to anyone before. Here’s hoping, this will be his first and last marriage.

Alexis And Jordan Mafs
Alexis and Justin are one of the couples from Married At First Sight season 15.
Life span

Kristen and Micho

Kristen, a 32-year-old sales representative, is married to environmental policy advocate Mitch, 41.

Hopefully, opposites will attract in the case of Kristen and Mitch. Kristen was once engaged and almost got married. After her failed engagement, Kristen has realized that she has struggled to find a connection with someone.

Mitch, on the other hand, hasn’t been the biggest fan of long-term relationships in the past and is hoping marriage at first sight Your perspective will change.

Kristen Mitch Married At First Sight
Kristen and Mitch were matched by the experts at Married At First Sight
Life span

Lindy and Miguelo

Lindy, 29, a doctor of psychological medicine, is married to Miguel, 35, an associate medical director.

No stranger to love, Lindy has had two serious relationships in the past, including one engagement. However, he is single for two years and is ready to find love again.

Her husband, Miguel, describes himself as a “serial monogamist”. PeopleWhich is hopefully a good thing if he and Lindy are right for each other.

Lindy And Miguel Married At First Sight,
Lindy, 29, of Married At First Sight, is a doctor of physical therapy, and Miguel, 35, is an associate medical director.
Life span

Married in First Sight’s matchmaking special Airs Wednesday, June 22 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. Season 15 premieres July 6 at 8 p.m. ET with a three-hour schedule.

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