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Amazon drivers have filed a lawsuit seeking 140 million euros in damages for violating workers’ rights.

Amazon is facing قانونی 140 million in legal claims from delivery drivers who say they have been wrongfully denied their workers’ rights and thousands of pounds in wages.

Law firm Lee Day is launching a lawsuit against the company, saying it has wrongly classified drivers. Self employed, Denial of their holiday pay and national minimum wage.

Leah Day said at least 3,000 drivers could be paid around ، 10,500 if successful. That would mean a 140 140 million bill for Amazon.

Lee argued that drivers are entitled to these rights because of the way Amazon explains how they work. For example, drivers are given an estimate of the journey between deliveries through an app that they have to meet.

They are also unable to return the parcel to the depot, so it is important to refuel at the end of the day.

Lee Day said it could combine van rental, fuel and insurance charges to leave them with “very little” earnings.

Lee’s Kate Robinson said: “Amazon is the short-haul driver who is delivering on their behalf. It’s a shameful behavior by a company that makes billions of pounds a year.

“Drivers who deliver to Amazon have to work shifts and book of time, yet Amazon claims to be self-employed.”

This is the latest lawsuit in which the rights of gig economy workers have been emphasized. Following a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year, Ober began compensating thousands of drivers it had classified as wrong contractors.

Taxi drivers are also queuing up for payments for Edison Lee when the Court of Appeal upheld the decision that he was entitled to the minimum wage from the time he logged in to the time he was ready to log out passengers. Were

Lee Day is currently representing two drivers and is seeking to prosecute others. A spokesman said at least 31 drivers contacted the firm on Wednesday. Free.

The drivers told Lee Day that they are given an estimated time between deliveries through an app, which they have to meet, and are unable to bring the parcels back to the depot, so they must refuel at the end of the day. ۔

The law firm said that when the van is combined with rental, fuel and insurance charges, it can leave them with a lower income.

Amazon has made many claims controversial, saying drivers are paid at least 120 a day and are reimbursed for their fuel costs, not directly contracted by Amazon, and that Has the option to follow or not follow the route suggested on their app, which provides approximate travel times.

“We are very proud of the drivers who work with their partners across the country to get their customers what they want, whenever they want, wherever they want,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

“We are committed to ensuring that these drivers are compensated by the delivery companies they work with and treat them with respect, and this reflects these positive feedback. That’s what we hear from drivers every day. “

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