American Airlines is offering pilots a raise of nearly 17% until the end of 2024, a sign that the airline is trying to ease the staffing shortages that plague the industry.

CEO Robert Isom said Thursday that the proposal would raise America’s pilot wages to the levels detailed in a preliminary agreement between United Airlines and their pilots. Isom said in a video sent to pilots that the airline’s employees “will be well paid and competitive, no matter what.”

According to Isom, a Boeing 737 captain at the top of the proposed pay scale by the end of 2024 would earn a base salary of around $340,000 a year. Senior captains of larger aircraft like the Boeing 777 would earn about $425,000 a year. He said the company also offers a transfer bonus, a better profit sharing program and other perks.

American, which is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, lost $2 billion last year but is seeing more revenue in 2022 as travel continues to recover from the worst of the pandemic.

The Allied Pilots Association, which represents the airline’s approximately 13,000 pilots, did not immediately respond to an Associated Press request for comment.

Union spokesperson he told CNBC last week this American “tried to fly planes with no pilots available.” The allegations prompted lawmakers, including the Democratic Representation. Ro Khanna and Independent Senator Bernie Sandersto call for heavy fines for airlines that schedule flights they cannot serve.

The American recently canceled flights to four cities in Iowa, Ohio and New York due to a shortage regional pilots.

Other airlines in negotiations

United pilots, who currently earn more than their American counterparts, are voting until July 15 on a deal that would give them pay increases of around 14% through 2024.

Pilots from Delta, Southwest and Alaska are negotiating new contracts. They have pickets at airports while complaining that staffing shortages cause them to fly too many flights and risk fatigue.

The news comes ahead of the planned holiday weekend most busy since the beginning of the pandemic. Delta warns “operational challenges” on the 4th of July weekend and proactively offered free rebooking for passengers flying at that time. Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration have they blamed each other for staff shortages leading to cancellations and delays.

Khristopher Brooks and Peter Greenberg of CBS News wrote the reports.

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