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American Airlines will follow the Southwest Federal Cowade 19 vaccine mandate, in violation of the Texas Order.

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines said Tuesday they intend to follow federal guidelines to get their employees vaccinated against COVID-19 by December, with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordering such a mandate to be withheld. Violated

American Airlines, based in Fort Worth, Texas, told USA Today in a statement that the governor’s order “does not change anything” for the company and that it believes the federal vaccine mandate replaces some conflicting state laws. ۔ ”

Southwest responded similarly to the news agency. The Dallas-based airline has ordered all its employees to receive their COVID-19 shots by December 8 in compliance with federal guidelines.

Last month, President Biden said all private companies with more than 100 employees must vaccinate employees or conduct a weekly inspection of Covid 19.

The airlines’ plans to comply with the vaccine mandate run counter to Mr Abbott’s order Monday banning such requirements.

The order states that no organization in Texas can force proof of vaccination from any person, be it employees or consumers. According to US News, those who fail to comply with the order could be fined up to 1,000, although it is not clear how the order will be enforced.

The Republican governor’s order states that although COVID-19 vaccines are “highly encouraged,” they must “always be voluntary for Texas.”

Other Texas companies ordering the COVID-19 vaccine include Dell Technologies, Google and Facebook.

Google and Facebook announced requirements for their employees in July, becoming the first companies to establish this mandate.

Steve Ghar, a lawyer specializing in government contracts, told US News that the Texas order was more likely to be executed than the federal order.

According to the Legal Information Institute, the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution prohibits states from “interfering with the exercise of the federal government’s own constitutional powers” and establishes that federal laws generally take precedence over state laws. Are

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