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To see that the Left and its cheerleading media treat the one-year anniversary of January 6, 2021, the US Capitol riot as a solemn occasion, would be to down the point. For the Left, the (really) mostly peaceful demonstrations of that day, which involved illegal encroachment of the Capitol for a small percentage of the protesters, represented a watershed moment in the history of our “democracy.” January 6th was a day, the legend goes, where “outrageous” Trumpians attempted to influence a “rebellion” and a “coup” by seeking to “reverse” the results of the correct and ancient 2020 presidential election. Had been.

The one-year anniversary of January 6 was promoted by our insular and self-congratulatory Washington Press Corps as something similar to the one-year anniversary of September 11, 2001. The imbeciles and the old Dolt who is our Commander-in-Chief dedicated their January 6, 2022, remarks inciting their predecessor to the alleged “rebellion” of that predecessor. Defying the parody, a candlelight vigil was held on the National Mall—”in memory of the attack on our democracy on January 6, 2021.”

In fairness, it is true that modern America no longer meets the threshold definition of “democracy.” But the Left is wrong that why. America is not a nation suffering a major crisis of right-wing political violence in the year 2022, but it is Is A nation perverted by a monolithic and intellectually homogeneous oligarchy that seeks to subdue “outrageous” dissent by any means necessary. Consider some examples.

American oligarchy occurs when a duly elected president of the United States is fabricated from day one by fabulists of the cynical ruling class about that president’s alleged collusion with a foreign power, a forceful and unverified is based on the primary “evidence” of the “dossier”. Created in conjunction with the presidential campaign of a defeated opponent. American oligarchy is what happens when the institutional media cheers on not one but two baseless and mind-numbing presidential impeachments from the oligarch’s favorite political tribe, the Democratic Party. for nothing but partisan allegiance.

American oligarchy is when the country’s fourth largest newspaper, New York Post, which runs on the eve of a monumental presidential election, is a staple of investigative journalism about the shameless foreign sordidness of the troubled son of the oligarch’s favorite candidate — only to see that piece of journalism come clean from the Big Tech platform. is done and Post Got locked out of my own Twitter account. American oligarchy is what happens when the left, center, and right of neoliberals unite to thwart any meaningful effort of antitrust enforcement against Big Tech, to the Birkenstock-wearing C-suite dweebs who control our digital public square allow, which flags the public class of anything “outrageous”. “Disagreement with the regime.

January 06: Crowds gather outside the US Capitol for the “Stop the Steel” rally on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC.
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The US oligarchy comes as White House press secretary Jen Psaki and META CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in nude fashion, discourse anyone skeptical about the recently crowned governance achievement, an ineffective COVID-19 “vaccine”. of collusion to purge Facebook. The US oligarchy is when Jeffrey Ziants, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, echoes the rhetoric of a Maoist “social credit system” to “see a winter of serious illness and death for ourselves, our families, and our hospitals.” Reprimand the “uneducated”.

American oligarchy occurs when numerous states take advantage of a pandemic to massively alter electoral rules by executive power, and thereby violate the US Constitution, in a way that does not coincidentally benefit the regime’s preferred political party. it happens. US oligarchy is what tries to undo even the most anodyne of the post-2020 election informal The 2020 electoral changes, such as Georgia’s fairly liberal voting law, have been unfairly maligned by political oligarchs as “Jim Crow on steroids” and viciously opposed by big business oligarchs, who are Too happy to boycott states that make laws on behalf of cultural or electoral conscience.

The US oligarchy is the birth of a two-tiered “biomedical security state” in which ruling class dissidents are punished by kicking the digital public out of their jobs over the favorite narrative on COVID-19 vaccines, mandates and lockdowns. square and physically pulled out of the convenience store by the police. The US oligarchy is when the unilateral regime’s infantry, Antifa and Black Lives Matter hooligans who ravaged American urban corridors during the “1619 Riots” of 2020 were freed, while on January 6 without any The trespassers with no previous criminal history were subjected to solitary confinement. ,

The Left is right to lament the sordid and degenerate state of “our democracy”. It’s just don’t know why.

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