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Amid tensions with Russia, the military is sending units to Europe.

With increasing stress Russia Along its border with US allies, the military announced this week that it was sending military advisers to work with coalition units in Europe.

Army officials said Monday that advisory teams from the 4th Security Forces Assistance Brigade based in Fort Carson, Colo., Will be deployed to “several locations” in the fall.

Col. Robert Bourne, commander of the 4th SFAB, said in a statement that the brigade “provides specialized and experienced, purposeful U.S. military leaders whose purpose is (US Army Europe Africa) security cooperation. We want to increase our cooperation in support of our goals. ”

Russia It conducted provocative military exercises along its western borders and clashed with US and European leaders over its role in suppressing Ukraine’s separatist uprising and public protests in Belarus.

The United States and Russia The embassy is also embroiled in controversy over its operations, including the number of diplomats it can send to Moscow and Washington. According to Reuters, the two countries have failed to make diplomatic progress and there is a danger that relations could deteriorate.

According to the Russian Interfax news agency, I cannot say that we have made great progress.

In addition to military advisory teams, the military this week announced a European rotation in the fall for the 1st Cavalry Division’s combat aviation brigade. The Fort Hood, Texas-based helicopter unit will replace a similar brigade in the 1st Infantry Division as part of Operation Atlantic Resolution. RussiaOccupation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014

Col. Reggie Harper, commander of the Combat Aviation Brigade, said in a statement, “The training to fight and win with our European partners builds confidence in the joint NATO destruction around the world.”

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