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Amy Klubucher blamed the vaccine suspicion on social media.

سین۔ Amy Klubcher.The Minnesota Democrat said Sunday that social media companies take responsibility for Americans’ reluctance to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

MS. کلبوچار۔ He told CNN that Congress must stop relying on tech platforms like Facebook to run itself and that the federal government needs to take action against tech.

“The street boy tells me. of that The mother-in-law will not get the vaccine because. They Read on social media that it will put a microchip. They Arm, “she said. کلبوچار۔ “We know that the vast majority of people who are not getting vaccinated read things on these platforms,” ​​he told CNN.

Minnesota Democrats say new privacy legislation and updating of ‘competitive policy’, which means changing the no-confidence law, are among the answers. They Ideas to help solve problems. They Facebook and other platforms pose.

“I’m just tired of hearing ‘trust us’ and now it’s time to protect mothers and fathers who are making their children addicted to these platforms and exposed to all sorts of bad things.” Have arrived کلبوچار۔ On CNN

Facebook has backed the new regulatory action. On Sunday, Facebook executive Nick Clegg told ABC that his company was relying on the US government to influence the way his company operated.

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