Amy Schneider ‘overwhelmed’ by reaction to her $1 million win on ‘Jeopardy’

Amy Schneider describes her record-breaking run Danger! As a “life-changing experience,” she became only the fourth person on the show to earn more than $1 million.

Schneider had already made history as the first transgender man to make it to the show’s Tournament of Champions and holds the record for most consecutive wins by a woman.

During Friday’s episode, Schneider extended his winning streak to 28 games, earning $42,200, bringing his total to $1,019,600.

After her latest win, she said, “It sounds amazing, it feels weird,” adding that it was “an amount of money I never estimated with my name.”

Later on Friday after the latest show aired, she tweeted: “I just want to admit how overwhelmed I am with the things being written about me, and what this run means.

“This has been a life changing experience, thank you all so much for your kindness and support.”

Screen shot showing danger! Champion Amy Schneider surpassed $1 million on a record winning streak. She is the first transgender person to make it to the show’s Tournament of Champions.

His quick-witted answers and sharp wit have won many of his fans on syndicated shows, and his popularity has been considered a boost to the LGBTQ+ community.

Washington Post described her as “one of the most famous trans women in America” ​​and noted social media users reported that older relatives became more open-minded about trans people after seeing her.

In an editorial, the newspaper said she “didn’t ask to be a trans icon” and simply “wanted to be judged for her talent, like everyone else.”

During his incredible performance on the show, Schneider also faced critics on social media.

Schneider, an engineering manager, teased those critics in a New Year’s Eve 2021 tweet.

“I would like to thank all the people who took the time during this busy holiday season to explain to me that I am, in fact, a man,” she wrote plainly with sarcasm.

“Each one of you is the first to make a very clever point, which had never come to my mind before.”

In November Schneider also wrote: “I don’t really think about being trans very often,” describing it as “important”, but in the same “relatively minor” part of who she is.

“I also didn’t want it to seem like some kind of embarrassing secret,” she tweeted, “while it’s gratifying to know that people didn’t know that until they read about it. By the time I’m trans. I want people to know that aspect of me.”

Before Christmas, Pre Crisis! the champion Larissa Kelly Schneider praised her when she overtook her to become the highest-paid female contestant, tweeting, that she “set new standards for excellence on and off show.”

Schneider’s record of success is now only behind Matt Amodio, who won $1,518,601 in 38 games, James Holzhauer, who received $2,462,216 after 32 wins, and Ken Jennings, who earned him $2,520,700 in 74 games.

Earlier this month, Schneider revealed that she was robbed at gunpoint in Oakland, California, where she lives, in an incident in which she lost her phone and credit card.